Unit Twenty-Two 货运通知

651. We would like to inform you that the goods were already shipped out on the 18th of May.


652. We have the pleasure to inform you that we have shipped the goods by “ Pacific Bear “ which left here today.


653. We wish to inform you that we have shipped the goods by “Shanghai” according to your instructions of August 5.


654. We wish to advise you that we have shipped you today by S.S. “Tokyo Maru”, 50 cases of carbon paper.


655. We take pleasure in notifying you that the goods under S/C 456 have been dispatched by M/V “Greenwood” sailing on May 15 for Hong Kong.


656. The shipment of chemical fertilizer under Contract No 2346 will be effected by S.S.” Calchas”, which is scheduled t leave here on 16th July.


657. We are pleased to advise you that 100 dozen shirts under order KAB/2004 have been shipped per S.S. “Fengqing”.


658. We expect to ship the outstanding contracts before the end of July.


659. We are pleased to inform you that we have shipped 2,000 air conditioners you ordered on board S.S. “Asia” which sails for your port tomorrow.


660. Your order No 153. Will be shipped by SS.” Pearl” early next month.


661. We wish to advise you that the goods your ordered have been shipped today.


662. We are pleased to inform you that the last lot consignment has been duly dispatched.


663. The m/s “Victoria” has left our port carrying the goods for your order No 303. Today.


664. The ship is scheduled to arrive at your port on the 28th October and you may now make all the necessary preparations to take delivery of the goods.


665. The goods were shipped by the direct steamer “ Eli:” on May 10th and are estimated to reach Shanghai before June 1st.


666. We trust that the goods will reach you in perfect condition.


667. We trust the consignment will reach you safely and open up to your satisfaction.


668. We have dispatched your order for Indian rugs which are scheduled to arrived at your port next Friday.


669. For shirts under contract No 60, we have booked space on SS.” Eagle” due to arrive in your city around the beginning of next month.


670. The shipment will be made in three equal monthly installments, beginning fro next month.