如:never,scarcely,hardly,rarely,seldom,little,no sooner...than,hardly...when,scarcely...when (before),not only,in no case (in no way,at no time,on no account,by no means,under no circumstances,in no respects)(决不,在任何情况下都不),no longer/no more(不再)。
  例句:Television is one of the means by which these feelings are created and conveyed and perhaps never before has it served so much to connect different peoples and nations as in the recent events in Europe. (2005年第46题)
  分析:该句是复合句,and前是一复合句,定语从句by which...修饰the means,后一分句中never置于句首引起倒装。
  例句:Only recently did linguists begin the serious study of languages that were very different from their own. (选自2004年Part B)
  分析:该句是复合句,that were very different from their own是修饰languages的定语从句。
  例句:Only gradually was the byproduct of the institution noted, and only more gradually still was this effect considered as a directive factor in the conduct of the institution.
  分析:该句是由and连接的两个并列简单句,两个分句都是以only开头的倒装句,在前一分句中,主干部分是the byproduct of the institution was noted,only gradually修饰noted;在后一分句中,主干是this effect was considered...,其中only more gradually修饰considered, as a directive factor作主语this effect的补足语,介词短语in the conduct of the institution作directive factor的后置定语。
  例句:Were the Times Co. to purchase another major media company, there is no doubt that it could dramatically transform a family run enterprise that still gets 90% of its revenues from newspapers.(1999年第13题)
  分析:该句是复合句,were the Times Co. to purchase是一省略if的倒装句,that it could dramatically...enterprise是doubt的同位语,而that still gets 90% of its revenues from newspapers是修饰enterprise的定语从句。
  例句:Had it not been for the timely investment from the general public, our company would not be so thriving as it is.(1998年第10题)
  分析:该句是复合句,had it not been...是一个省略if的倒装从句,整个句子表示混合式虚拟语气,主句表示与现在相反假设,从句表示与过去相反假设。
  例句:Americans no longer expect public figures, whether in speech or in writing, to command the English with skill and gift. Nor do they aspire to such command themselves.(选自2005年Text 4)
  分析:该句是由nor引导的并列句。whether in speech or in writing的完整形式是whether they are in speech or in writing,表示让步;介词短语with skill and gift在句中作状语修饰动词command。
  例句:So involved with their computers do the children become that leaders at summer computer camps often have to force them to break for sports and games.
  分析:该句是复合句,that leaders at summer computer camps...是一结果状语从句,so involved with...置于句首引起倒装。
  (六)not until置于句首
  not until置于句首时,连词until引导的从句主谓不倒装,但主句的主谓结构必须倒装。
  例句:Not until you return those books to the library immediately will you have to pay a fine.
  分析:该句是复合句。由于not until置于句首,主句will you have to pay a fine是一倒装句。
  (七)as,though,no matter how,however引导的让步状语从句
  例句:Much as I have traveled, I have never seen anyone to equal her in thoroughness, whatever the job.
  分析:该句是复合句,其中从句much as I have traveled是一倒装句,短语“equal sb. in sth.”意为“在某方面与他人旗鼓相当”
  例句:Odd though it sounds, cosmic inflation is a scientifically plausible consequence of some respected ideas in elementary article physics, many astrophysicists have been convinced for the better part of a decade that it is true.(1998年第75题)
  分析:该句是复合句,odd though it sounds是一倒装句,其中it指代cosmic inflation,介词短语in elementary article physics修饰ideas,that it is true在句中作convinced的宾语,另一介词短语for the better part of a decade作状语表示时间。
  例句:Church as we use the word refers to all religious institutions, be they Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish, and so on.(2001年第10题)
  分析:该句是复合句,be they...是一倒装句,相当于whether they are...。