A new leak about the upcoming iPhone claims that the device will have a front-facing camera that offers High Definition resolution. This is part of the series of changes that will be introduced to the sixth generation iPhone.

From its position on the corner, the front-facing camera will be moved to the top center of the device. It will also have a flip-chip solution. This 1080p HD camera will be a better complement to the alleged 4.08-inch display that the iPhone will sport. At present, the most recent iPhone called the 4S only gives VGA quality images on its 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera.
Meanwhile, the 8 megapixel iSight rear camera on the iPhone 4S, with its autofocus, tap to focus, face detection, LED flash, and HD video recording capability will be retained. Apple, however, will enhance its aperture range, from the current f/2.4 to a larger f/2.2. There will also be a reduction in the rear camera’s thickness. On the iPhone 4S, the rear camera had a CCM of 6 mm and a lens TTL 4.8 mm. In contrast, the rear camera on the future iPhone will measure 5.55 mm for its CCM, and its lens TTL will be 4mm.
Apple expects for these figures to pose challenges to its suppliers, Omnivision and Sony. Earlier this year, Sony had announced that it has created a thinner CMOS camera. This was possibly already bound for the next iPhone.
To continue with the specification overhaul, the upcoming iPhone will also be thinner. Its measurement will drop from 9.3 mm, which is the depth of the iPhone 4S to as low as 7.9 mm, or even less. Apple will achieve this through its use of the in-cell touchscreen, which reduces 0.44 mm from the phone’s thickness.
The other rumors that have surfaced about the successor to the iPhone 4S point to an improved form factor, and 4G LTE connectivity. The latter is a very strong possibility considering that it is already on the latest iPad, and is offered on other devices from Apples rivals, as well. Apple, furthermore, had solved its initial problems regarding some LTE connectivity issues.
The next iPhone is expected to debut this coming September or October.