Days after a report revealed that the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro will look like a tiny iPad Pro, CAD designs of the biggest version of the iPhone 12 Pro—the iPhone 12 Pro Max—have leaked confirming Apple’s design for the upcoming flagship.
有一篇报告说即将推出的iPhone 12 Pro的外观和缩小版的iPad Pro很像。几天以后,最大版的iPhone 12 Pro,即iPhone 12 Pro Max的CAD设计图泄露了,确认了苹果即将推出的旗舰产品的设计。

The CAD designs come courtesy of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro and reliable leaker Max Weinbach. Here’s what the CAD designs of the iPhone 12 Pro Max reveal:
在YouTube的EverythingApplePro频道上可以免费获得这些CAD图,分享人Max Weinbach也很可靠。以下就是从iPhone 12 Pro Max的CAD设计图上能看到的:

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be Apple’s largest iPhone ever with a 6.7-inch display.
iPhone 12 Pro Max将会是苹果最大的手机,带有6.7英寸的显示屏。

The design does indeed look like a tiny iPad Pro (or a really big iPhone 5). It features a flat stainless-steel frame as opposed to the rounded frame found on current iPhones.
这个设计的确像缩小版的iPad Pro(或者说是扩大版的iPhone 5)。其特点是有扁平的不锈钢边框,不同于目前苹果手机的圆框。

The bezels on the device will be only 1.55 mm. To put that in perspective, that’s almost 1 mm thinner than the 2.52 mm found on the current iPhone 11 Pro Max.
手机边框只有1.55毫米。说得更明白一点,几乎比现在iPhone 11 Pro Max的2.52毫米的边框薄1毫米。

The overall thickness of the device will be only 7.4 mm, down from the 8.1 mm thickness of the current Pro Max.
手机总厚度只有7.4毫米,比目前8.1毫米厚的Pro Max要薄一点。

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will also come in new colors including light blue, violet, and light orange.
iPhone 12 Pro Max也会出新的颜色,有浅蓝色、紫色和浅橙色。

Most interesting, however, is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a new input that resembles a Smart Connector. The Smart Connector is currently used on some iPads and is what allows Apple’s Smart and Magic Keyboards to connect to them. This could mean that Apple is planning on launching a keyboard accessory for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Given its 6.7-inch display, it may just be large enough to handle an external keyboard. Of course, the new input could be a Smart Connector designed for some other type of device that Apple is yet to release.
但最有趣的是iPhone 12 Pro Max有类似于Smart Connector的新输入方式。Smart Connector目前应用在一些iPad上,它们可以连接苹果的Smart Keyboard和Magic Keyboard。这意味着苹果正计划要推出iPhone 12 Pro Max辅助键盘。这款手机有6.7英寸的屏幕,足够大,可以带外接键盘。当然,这个新的Smart Connector输入方式也适用苹果未来将推出的其他设备。

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to debut this fall, along with three other models of iPhone.
iPhone 12 Pro Max预计今年秋季上市,同时还会推出另外三款苹果手机。