iPhone 5 is so much more than just another new product. It literally changes the way humanity builds communication, because we've introduced an amazing new feature. It's invisible. This is our most exciting Apple product in history. Our new invisible technology opens up a world of possibilities.
iPhone 5不仅仅是一个新产品那么简单,它将实实在在改变人类交流的方式。因为我们加入了一个革命性的功能:它是隐形的。这将是史上最具爆炸性的苹果产品。我们全新的隐形技术让一切成为可能。

Everything we had inside the old iPhone, well, we took it out, leaving you with the most powerful and the most invisible iPhone ever. A great thing about this phone is that you could just let it go in midair and then grab it again. And let it go. Where did it go? Oh, it's over here. This is amazing technology.
iPhone 4的所有内部元件将会被全面替换,为你展现一款最具革命性的、隐形的iPhone。他最棒的一点就是,它能消失在空气中,然后需要时又重新出现。看,消失!它去哪儿了呢?啊,在这里!一级棒的技术!

Even if you have tiny hands, not to worry, the iPhone 5 can be as small or as large as you want it to be.
即使你手小也没关系,iPhone 5可以随意变小,或变大。

You can say good-bye to pesky thumb arthritis from overtexting. Now all you have to do is think a thought with this specific person in mind and that thought will be instantly sent to their phone.

And now there's even a higher resolution on our face-to-face feature.

People may ask, is Apple trying to trick me into paying $800 for air? The answer for legal reasons, is maybe.

This product is so revolutionary and you'll never know how you'll live without it. Heck, you'll never even know how you live with it because it's not even really there.

The iPhone 5, this is going to change everything, all over again, again.
iPhone 5,再一次改变世界。