Apple has quietly discontinued two of its classic iPods, signalling the death of the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.
苹果低调停产了旗下两部经 iPod产品,iPod Nano和iPod Shuffle。

Two of Apple's three remaining iPods have disappeared from the Apple Store, leaving the iPod Touch as the only standalone music device available.  
iPod系列共有三款产品,如今两款已从苹果商店下架,只剩下iPod Touch 一款音乐播放器。

Both devices were launched in 2005, four years after the original iPod. Apple sold 54.8m iPods at the peak of their popularity in 2008, but sales dropped to just 14.3m in 2014 before the company stopped reporting numbers.
2005年,iPod Nano和iPod Shuffle正式上架,距离首款iPod产品推出时隔四年。2008年,iPod热销,顶峰时销量达5480万部,2014年销量下滑至1430万,此后苹果不再向外公布具体销量。

The popularity of iPods and other MP3 players has largely been displaced by the rise of music streaming on smartphones.

The success of the iPod played a large part in the return of Apple chief executive Steve Jobs and Apple's trajectory to become one of the world's most successful tech players.
首席执行官乔布斯(Steve Jobs)回归后,公司趋向于成为世界顶尖科技公司,iPod继而迎来成功。

Jobs famously debuted the iPod Nano by pulling it out of the coin wallet in his jeans. For many users, their iPod was their first Apple device, paving the way for the success of the iPhone when it was launched in 2007.
乔布斯首次展示iPod Nano时,从裤兜里掏出了一个零钱包,把Nano从里面取了出来,这件事广为流传。很多苹果用户的第一款苹果产品就是iPod,iPod的普及度为2007年推出的iPhone手机铺好了成功之路。

Apple isn't completely dropping its music line. Earlier this year it launched a bid to return to the world of music, debuting its voice-controlled HomePod speaker in June.
当然,苹果并没有全然放弃在音乐领域的发展。今年年初,苹果重回音乐市场,参与竞争,并于6月推出了音量控制智能音箱(HomePod speaker)。

Original iPods have now become collectors items among tech fans, with listings on eBay selling for more than £500.
但是如今iPod Nano和iPod Shuffle已然成为科技粉丝的收藏品,在eBay上售价高于500欧。