A new series of photos — originally sourced via Weibo — show us three different iPhone molds corresponding to the three new iPhone models Apple will release later this year.

While the photo does suggest that the iPhone 8 may be slightly taller than the iPhone 7s.

Another point worth noting is that the camera module on the iPhone 8 is oriented vertically, a design which echoes a number of leaked schematics and designs we’ve seen over the past few months.
另外值得注意的一点是iPhone 8的摄像模组是垂直排列的,正符合这几个月流出的一些iPhone8的简图和设计。

It’s widely believed that the vertical orientation of the iPhone 8’s camera module has to do with the rumored augmented reality features Apple is planning to show off later this year.
传言苹果公司计划今年晚些时候宣布他们引以为傲的现实功能。很多人认为,iPhone 8摄像模组的垂直设计正是与此有关。

With the iPhone 8 design said to feature one giant piece of glass, it’s widely believed that Apple will incorporate the Touch ID sensor into the display itself.
据传,iPhone 8的正反两面均由玻璃组成,大多数人认为苹果公司展示时也会融合指纹识别传感器技术。

Though some previous leaks have featured a cut-out for a Touch ID sensor on the back, it’s believed that the final iPhone 8 design will be far more elegant and user-friendly.
尽管从之前泄露的设计图上可以看出iPhone 8的反面有指纹识别传感器的图样,但很多人还是相信iPhone 8的最终成品会更优雅、对用户更友好。

Now as for when we can expect to see the iPhone 8 finally hit store shelves, the good news is that we won’t have to wait longer than usual.
关于我们什么时候可以看到iPhone 8上市有一个好消息,就是我们不用等太久。

Despite an onslaught of rumors claiming that the iPhone 8 release date might be pushed back by 4-8 weeks, more recent reports from credible sources indicate that the iPhone 8 release, like most other iPhone releases, will go down in September.
尽管很多传言说iPhone 8的发布日期会拖延4到8周,但根据目前有可靠消息的报道,iPhone 8将不负万众期待,会像其他iPhone一样在今年9月如期与大家见面。