Did you miss the Chinese government’s ads in Times Square earlier this year, the series of images of ordinary and famous Chinese that repeated 300 times a day on a giant video screen in an effort to soften China’s image?

No need to fret–the ad now can be viewed, with music, in the Chinese government’s first app for Apple’s iPad.

The new app, from the State Council Information Office, is free on Apple’s App Store and simple to use. It includes videos of press conferences and full, downloadable copies of the State Council’s white papers on subjects like national defense, Internet development, ethnic issues and human rights in Chinese and English from 2005 to 2010.

The move is the latest in the Chinese government’s recent efforts to improve its image abroad. A notice on its website said the app is meant “to introduce China to the world in a better way and to enhance the international image of China.”

Chinese authorities have become increasingly tech savvy in their public relations efforts. Many have opened Twitter-like microblogging accounts.

Some U.S. government agencies have also embraced the tablet craze. IPad apps can be found for government entities including the New York State Senate, the Department of Public Safety in Alabama.A number of mobile applications can be found on . In China, the U.S. embassy has also been aggressive in its efforts to reach out to Chinese Internet users, though it doesn’t have an iPad app yet.