Do you have a pitch about you, your skills, and accomplishments ready to use the next time someone asks what you're looking for? While conventional wisdom used to dictate you prepare a two-minute "elevator pitch," most elevator rides don't last two minutes, and most people's attention spans certainly don't.


You have one minutes to hold their attention and tell them how you took up your first job after college or university and gained specific skills as your career progressed. Add to this your promotions or appointments to new job roles and how you sought out opportunities to develop in your chosen career. Spend most of your three minutes on your most recent job and how the expertise you have matches the underlying needs of the new job.

你有一分钟的时间来吸引面试官的注意。告诉他们,在大学毕业后,你是如何从事你的第一份工作的,在你职业生涯发展的过程中,你又学到了什么特殊技能。把你获得过的晋升与委任和新工作职 责联系起来,以及在你的职业规划中,你希望得到什么样的机会。自我介绍的三分钟时间,大部分要花在说明你最近从事的一份工作上,也要尽量把你的专业知识和 技能与应聘工作所要求的联系起来。

To create an impressive pitch, know the answers to the following questions:


1. What is your goal or objective?


2. What do you offer? Identify the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out from other people in your industry.


3. What do you do? Include information about your goal or objective as it relates to your target audience.


4. What problems do you solve? Every job description stems from a company's problem or specific need. Make sure you know how your contributions will make a difference for the organizations you target.


5. What results do you create? Think about your accomplishments in your current or past