"Why should I hire you?" “为什么我该聘用你?”
This is the classic question most of us hear during an interview. It’s often preceded by the phrase, "I’ve already interviewed another person for this position who looks perfect." Then comes the killer question, "Why should I hire YOU?" 这是大多数人在面试中都遇到过的一个经典问题。面试官往往会这样说:“我已经面试过另一位想获得这个职位的人。他/她看上去很不错。”然后就是这个要命的问题:“为什么我得聘用你?”
Be careful to avoid clever retorts or comedic one- liners here. Your interview is serious business and a wrong answer will send you packing. This is, in fact, the one question that interviewers like to ask because the answer can so easily separate the contenders from the also- rans. Give a wrong answer and the large "Game Over" sign flashes above your head. 小心,不要用“聪明的狡辩”或幽默来回答。面试是严肃的事情。一个错误的回答会让你出局。这是一个面试官喜欢问的问题,答案能让他们容易地将竞聘者和“陪考者”区分开。错误的回答就意味着“游戏结束”。
The ’Story’ Approach 用讲故事的办法回答问题
What they really want to know is, "How are you different than all the other candidates who have applied for this position?" With this in mind, a good way to approach your answer here is to launch into your best "story" that answers this question, "Will you go the extra mile?" 面试官真正想知道的是:“你和其它申请这个职位的人有何不同?”清楚这点后,一个好的回答方法是用自己一个能回答这个问题的最好的“故事”:“你愿意再多做一点吗?”
Why is the employer asking why they should hire you? Because there are only five areas of interest that they have about you as a candidate: 为什么面试者问为什么要聘用你呢?因为他们只关心面试者的五个方面:
* Your skills 你的技能
* Your knowledge about the company你对公司的了解
* Your manageability 你是否服从管理
* Your affordability 你能贡献什么
* Whether you can go above and beyond your job description 你是否能比规定的工作做得更多
In this day of "lean and mean" operations philosophy, employers are looking for employees who can think bigger and perform duties above and beyond their jobs. 在这个采用“瘦身”、“吝啬”的运营理念的时代,雇主们要找能高屋建瓴的思考、超水平发挥的员工。(to be continued)