Are you willing to work overtime? This depends on you; you can answer as you wish. However, if it is difficult to find job or this is a good job, you should consider working overtime willingly.

Answer samples

1. I love my job and when a project deadline is coming up, everyone has to pull together to finish it – even if that means investing our beloved weekends…
1. 我喜欢这份工作,最后期限快到时,每个人都会全力以赴把它做好——即使这需要我们放弃美好的周末……

2. I do understand that it will occasionally be necessary in software industry to work overtime. Generally I feel that the work can be completed on time if we work sincerely and utilize the work hours. However I have no problem in working overtime if the project deadlines are very tight and requires me to work hard.
2. 我明白做软件这行,偶尔加班是必要的。一般来说我觉得如果努力做事而且充分利用时间的话,工作是能按时完成的。但是如果工期紧强度大的话加班也没问题。

3. I am very responsible person ,and I have definite plan and I go according to that in a systematic way, so in case I am behind schedule I will surely work overnight and make sure i complete it in time.

4. It depends on the responsibilities on your shoulder. if I have to complete a task then I can work overnight and weekends…………. after that I will be happy that I have completed my job on time.
4. 这要看我肩上的担子重不重了。是我该做好的事我会没日没夜的做,做好后我会很高兴自己按时完成了工作。

5. I can normally work in a few nights or weekends of overtime through the month if required to meet some deadlines. I hope projects are scoped and scheduled in such a way that overtime and nights are not a common requirement.
5. 通常来说要赶进度的话,我可以晚上或周末加班。我希望项目能安排得好些,不需要经常彻夜加班。