Correct body posture, while sitting for an interview, is very essential and leaves considerable impression with the interviewer.

HR professionals believes that a candidate can give out thousands of cues within the first minute of meeting a hiring manager, and those messages make more of an impact than what you say during the interview. Our body language says a lot about who we are and our emotional state, and poor body language often sends a message that we are stressed or fearful.

Our body language speaks a lot about us. It is directly related to our confidence level and state of mind at any given time. Just sitting up straight in your chair can do wonders not just for your posture but also for your confidence level.

It has been observed that when people sit up straight, they tend to believe in themselves and their thought process. People who sit up straight during an interview are more likely to ‘believe’ that they are qualified for that job.

When others look at us sitting upright, they get a positive impression.

Any time you start doubting your capabilities, just straighten your back. Nothing could be simpler than that! Your posture will convince you that you are good at whatever you are doing in that moment.

If a straight-backed posture does not come naturally to you, mentally keep an eye on how you sit at any given point of time. Whenever you find yourself stooping, say to yourself, “Sit up straight now.” Soon, the habit will become second nature.