此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行作出判断:如无错误,在该行    右边横线上画一个勾(√);如有错误(每行只有一个错误),则按下列情况改正:





I’ve really got to do something to lose weight because

I’m getting much too fat. I wash ‘t worried about it until I go    76. _____

to see the doctor. He told me that I’d probably had a heart  77. _____

attack while I started eating less. When you’re on a diet you just      78. _____

have to stop eat too much even though you are always hungry.        79. _____

They may be very hard to do and you certainly need a lot   80. _____

of will-power to succeed. So I will stay on a health farm for a   81. _____

month I won’t be able to eat much and so !’11 have to stick      82. _____

to my diet. I’ll also do plenty of exercise, which won’t give       83. _____

me any harm too. Both the diet and the exercise will           84. _____

help me to lose weight and feel more better.                     85. _____




2.参考词汇:bump into (撞上),hoe (锄头)


1—5ACACC          6—10BBACC         11—15AABBBle="mso-

16. Chemistry (C没大写扣0. 5分)

17. film /move (写成复数扣0. 5分)

18. 6:15p. m. (没写p. m. 或in the afternoon的扣0. 5分)

19. 8:50p. m. (没写p. m. 或in the afternoon的扣0. 5分)

20.The Art Show (首字母没大写扣0. 5分,没写定冠词扣0. 5分)

21—25DDAAC      26—30CBBDB       31—35ACDBA     

36—40BBAAD       41—45DCCAB      46—50BACDA      51—55BCDCD     

56—60ADCDD      61—65CBDBC       66—70CCAAA      71—75BABBD

76. go—went         77. had—have

78. while—unless   79. eat—eating

80. They—This /That /It            81. 正确

82. 在month后加where/when           83. give—do

84. too—either       85. 去掉more,或改为much


Once up a time there was a farmer who worked hard in the fields every day. One day, while he was ploughing the fields, he heard a bumping sound. He saw a rabbit lying by the trump. He picked it up and found that it was a fat rabbit. He thought to himself, “Since it is so easy to get a rabbit like that, why should I work so hard all day long?” He threw his hoe away and lay by the tree every day, dreaming for more rabbits to come. When he finally realized his foolishness and returned to his fields, he found that all his crops were dead. This story tells us that we should not wait for unexpected gains by trusting to chance and luck. Or, we should not hope to get rewards without hard work.


There was once a farmer who worked very hard. One day when he was hoeing in the sunshine, he suddenly heard a low sound “Peng!”. He turned and hurried to the tree. He found a rabbit dying. He took hold of the rabbit and was very excited. “Why can’t I wait for more rabbits here? It’s cool under the tree. ” So he dropped off his hoe and waited there. But day after day, there were no more rabbits coming. What’s worse, all his crops were dead.

The story tells us that if you want to get something, you must work hard for it. Remember, “No pains, no gains!”