At an FX Networks event in West Hollywood last night, Ryan Murphy made it official: Glee will come to an end after next season.
Ryan Murphy正式宣布:FX电视台决定《欢乐合唱团》下一季将会是大结局。

The program is in the middle of Season 5 and was renewed for Season 6 back in April.

While confirming his musical comedy's end date, Murphy also told reporters that plans for the series finale will need to be altered because the final year had been "deigned around Rachel and Finn."

Glee Season 5 is on hiatus and will return November 7 with an episode titled "A Katy or a Gaga."
《欢乐合唱团》第五季目前正在停播,北京时间11月8日回归,回归集名叫《A Katy or a Gaga》。