Bad English

1. Bad English: A recruiter is looking for an excuse not to consider your application, and bad grammar gives him an excuse to put your application in the special file marked the bin. A badly written CV shows you are disinterested or that you just can’t spell. Either way, it’s fatal. Check it yourself, and get someone else to go over your CV – it is easy to miss mistakes in your own copy.
1. 英语水平不高:招聘官总会挑你简历的毛病,糟糕的语法无疑给他机会筛掉你的简历。简历写的不好体现出你对目标职位不是特别感兴趣,或者你的拼写能力不够。不管是哪一种理由都会对你的求职之路产生致命的影响。你可以自己先检查一遍,然后让别人再看一下——有时自己犯的错误自身不容易发现。

Just the facts

2. Just the facts: Have you provided relevant contact details – have you entered the right numbers?
2. 检查个人信息:你留联系方式了吗?号码有没有写错?

Don’t be passive

3. Don’t be passive: Can you solve problems, will you walk into your job running? If you can – great – you’re what your employer is looking for. The question is: have you communicated this with your CV?
3. 不要妄自菲薄:你能处理问题吗?你能适应工作吗?如果你的回答时肯定的——那你就是雇主们正在寻找的人选。但是,这些优势在你的简历中都体现出来了么?

Don’t be vague

4. Don’t be vague: Details help. State what you have achieved, with action verbs, and use numbers where possible.
4. 不说套话:具体的描述可以帮助你达到这一点。用动词开头把你的成就都写在简历中,在必要之处用数字说明。

Customisation counts

5. Customisation counts: One size does not fill all. Read the job specification carefully. Look for key words in the text the reveal the kind of personality being looked for, and what the employer expects the right candidate to be able to deliver.
5. 为应聘职位量身定制简历:对所有职位都使用同一版本的简历会很没有针对性。仔细阅读职位要求,在关键字中找出职位需要的性格特质,并且分析雇主希望的理想雇员是怎样的。

Don’t be dull

6. Don’t be dull: No one wants to know your duties ; they want to hear your achievements.
6. 不死板沉闷:没人想知道你的责任感有多强,他们想知道你获得了哪些成就。

Don’t be flabby

7. Don’t be flabby: Tell your story – but don’t make your CV too long, or cut it down so much it says nothing at all.
7. 精简至上:在简历中描述你自己——但是别让简历太长,也别太短以至于别人什么都没了解到。


8. Design: Make your CV pleasing to the eye. How your CV is presented tells a story about you. Are you visually aware, do you care enough about the job to present the information well? Your CV is sending signals to your employer. Make sure they are the right ones.
8. 注意排版:让你的简历看起来整洁美观。简历的排版能从侧面体现出的性格特质。你是不是注重视觉上的美感、有没有提供关于应聘职位的个人相关信息?你的简历是给雇主提供信息的,所以必须确保你已都将相关优势列出。

Don’t put it off

9. Don’t put it off: If you see a job you’re interested in, don’t delay putting together the application – do it the same day and send it the same day.
9. 别犹豫:如果你看到感兴趣的职位,应该马上投出简历——当天写当天投。