1. bring about 引起,实现,导致。如:What brought about his illness? 他的病是怎样引起的? Science has brought about many changes in our lives. 科学给我们的生活带来了很多变化。
2. bring (a)round(1) 使改变观点或看法。如:They tried to bring him round to their views. 他们试图让他改变看法同意他们的意见。(2) 使苏醒。如:I am sure our doctors will bring him around in no time. 我相信医生会很快把他治好。(3) 顺便把某人带来串门。如:Why don’t you bring your wife around to see us sometime. 为什么不把你妻子哪天带来玩玩
3. bring back
(1) 送还,带回。如:Please bring back the book tomorrow. 请明天送还这本书。He brought me back in his car. 他用汽车把我送回家。(2) 使想起,使恢复。如:The old photo brought back many memories. 这张旧照片引起了许多回忆。A week by the sea brought her back to health. 她在海滨呆了一周后就恢复了健康。
4. bring down(1) 击落或打落(飞机、飞鸟等)。如:We managed to bring down three of the enemy planes. 我们设法击落了三架敌机。注:有时也表示:使落下。如:The pilot brought his crippled plane down in a field. 飞行员把失灵的飞机降落在田野里。(2) 打死或打伤(野兽、动物等)(。如:He aimed, fired and brought down the antelope. 他瞄准羚羊射击,把它打倒了。(3) 使倒下,推翻。如:The wind brought down a number of trees. 大风吹倒了一些树。
The scandal may bring down the government. 这一丑闻有可能使政府垮台。
(4) 降低(温度、价格、费用等)。如:The government tried to bring down the price. 政府设法降低价格。
5. bring forth 产生,引起,结果。如:Trees bring forth fruit. 树结果实。She has brought forth a child. 她已生了一个孩子。
6. bring in(1) 收获(庄稼等)。如:We brought in a good harvest last year. 我们去年获得了好的收成。(2) 获利,(使)得到(收入)。如:The sale of the house only brought in about $45,000. 房子只卖了大约45000美元。(3) 介绍,引进。如:He brought in six new members last month. 他上个月介绍了六位新会员。(4) 聘请。如:They’ve brought in experts to advise on the scheme. 他们已聘请专家对这项计划提出意见。(5) 逮捕,抓入警察局。如:体>Two suspicious characters were brought in. 两个可疑的人被逮捕。
7. bring off
(1) 从船上救出。如:The lifeboat brought off all the crew. 救生船把船上所有船员都救了出来。(2) 成功,设法做成。如:It was a difficult task but I brought it off. 那是项困难的工作,但我还是终于把它完成了。那是项困难的工作,但我还是
8. bring on(1) 带来,造成,引起。如:Dirt often bring on diseases. 脏东西常常引起疾病。He was out in the rain all day and this brought on a bad cold. 他在外面淋了一天雨,因此患了重感冒。(2) 促使成长或生长。如:The hot weather is bringing the wheat on nicely. 因为天气炎热,小麦长势良好。(3) 帮助(3) (学习者等)进步或提高。如:More study can bring on your English. 多花点时间学习可以提高你的英语水平。
9. bring out(1) 取出,拿出。如:He brought out his dictionary and looked the word up init. 他拿出词典来查这个词。(2) 显示出,揭示出,衬托出,使出来。如:It brought out the meaning of the poem. 它揭示出了这首诗的意义。This picture is very clear and brings out the wrinkles in her face. 这张照片很清晰,把她脸上的皱纹都照了出来。The sunshine will bring out the blossom. 阳光将使花儿开放。(3) 出版(书刊等),推出(作品、产品等)。如:He has brought two new books at the same time. 他同时出版了两本新书。This factory has brought out a new type of car. 这家工厂生产了一种新型汽车。
10. bring over 说服,使改变(思想等)。如:You can’t bring me over by such an argument. 你这样的论点不能改变我的看法。
11. bring through 使度过(困难,危机等)。如:They brought him through the cold winter. 他们帮他度过严冬。He was very ill, but the doctors brought him through. 他病得很严重,但医生使他转危为安。
12. bring together 使和解。如:
I’m not sure that John and his wife can be brought together. 我不敢说约翰与他妻子能和好如初。
13. bring up 13(1) 提出,提起。如:Why brought that up again? 又提它干吗? In the course of study they brought up many questions. 在学习过程中他们提出了许多问题。(2) 抚养,培养。如:He was brought up in the country. 他在农村长大。She brought up five children. 他抚养了五个孩子。(3) 呕吐。如:He was so ill that he brought up everything. 他病得很重,什么都吐了出来。
14. bring sb sth 拿某物给某人。如:Bring me today’s paper. 请把今天的报纸给我拿来。Could you bring me that chair? 请帮我把那把椅子拿来好吗? 注:该结构也可说成 bring sth to sb。如上面两句也可说成:Bring today’s paper to me.
Could you bring that chair to me?