1. in any case 不管怎样,无论如何。如:In any case, you’ll have to be at the station by nine. 无论如何你九点钟得赶到车站。It may rain tomorrow, but we are going home in any case. 明天可能下雨,但不管怎样我们都打算回家去。

2. in case(1) 如果,万一(用作连词,表示条件)。如:In case I forget, please remind me about it. 万一我忘记,请请醒我一下。(2) 以防,免得(用作连词,表示目的)。如:Take your umbrella (just) in case it rains. 带上雨伞,以防下雨。Be quiet in case you should wake the baby. 安静些,免得把婴儿吵醒。(3) 以防万一,免得(用作副词):You had better carry some money in case. 你最好带些钱,以防万一(要用)。It may not rain, but you had better take an umbrella in case. 可能不会下雨,但你最好还是带把雨伞,以防万一。

3. in case of 如果,万一,以防(用作介词,表示条件或目的)。如:In case of fire, call 119. 万一失火,就打119电话。Take an umbrella with you in case of rain. 带把雨伞,以防下雨。

4. in no case 绝不,在任何情况下都不。如:You should in no case tell her about it. 你绝不能把此事告诉她。注:若置于句首,句子用倒装。如:In no case should you give up. 你绝不能放弃。

5. in that case 既然那样,假若是那样的话。如:In that case come a little earlier. 既然那样,就早些来。You don’t like your job? In that case why don’t you leave? 你不喜欢你的工作,那你为什么不辞掉呢?