1. attend on sb 照料某人,服侍某人。如:Who will attend on the patient? 谁来护理病人? He was attended on by a number of servants. 有好多佣人侍候他。注:有时其中的介词 on 可以省略。如:He has two nurses attending (on) him. 有两位护士护理他。
2. attend to (1) 注意听。如:Attend now to what I tell you. 现在注意听我给你讲。If you don’t attend to your teacher, you’ll never learn anything. 你要是不注意听老师讲,你就会什么也学不到。(2) 处理;办理。如:I’ll attend to the matter. 这事我来处理。I may be late --- I have one or two things to attend to. 我可能会迟到,我还有一两件事要处理。(3) 照顾;照看。如:If you go out, who will attend to the baby? 你要是出去,谁来照顾婴儿? 你要是出去,谁来照顾婴儿Will you attend to the shop for a few minutes while I go to the bank? 在我去银行时你帮我照看一下店铺好吗? (4) 接待;招待。如:Are you being attended to, sir? 先生, 有人招呼你了吗? I’m too busy. I can’t attend to you now. 我很忙,现在不能接待你。(5) 专心;关心。如:You must attend to your work. 你必须专心工作。Parents must attend to the education of their children. 父母必须要关心子女的教育。Parents must attend to the educatioght: normal">(6) 治疗;医治。如:His injury was attended to by a young doctor. 他的伤由一位年轻医生医治。