Passage 2  (2007年北京海淀区高三年级第一学期期末D篇)  阅读理解

The decision to enter F1 and compete at the highest level of motorsport was an intended move by Toyota, the world’s third largest auto manufacturer ,to further challenge its own capabilities. By going head-to-head with the industry’s top performers on the world’s premier racing stage ,the Japanese giant was setting itself a huge task. A sport with an enormous international following, the risks of entering the F1 arena are high—but there are rich rewards for those who succeed .Besides being a showcase for state-of-the-art technology, the intense competition in this most demanding of racing disciplines leaves no room for self-satisfaction. More importantly, it fosters(培养)the kind of forward-thinking team spirit that Toyota is seeking.

While F1 benefited greatly from the added prestige of having such a distinguished newcomer among its competitors ,the demands placed on Panasonic Toyota Racing last year revealed the shortcomings of not having enough experience as a team. Mistakes were made and valuable lessons were learned ,among which was the fundamental truth: “To stand still in F1 is to go backwards.”

With the past in mind ,preparations for the 2003 season included sweeping changes on both the technical and personnel(人事的)sides. The management at Toyota Motorsport GmbH was restructured , with John Howett moving from Toyota Motor Marketing Europe to become President ,thus enabling the company founder , Ove Andersson ,more time to concentrate on the operation of the race team at the track .Andersson’s value as an inspirational leader was one of the team’s biggest assets(财富)in 2002.

68.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 2 mean ________?

A.To go backwards ,Toyota has to stand still.

B.If Toyota doesn’t make improvements ,they will fall behind.

C.Keeping calm will help go forward.

D.In order to keep up with other teams ,Toyota has to stand still.

69.We can learn from the passage that _______.

A.Toyota entered F1 to enlarge its market.

B.Entering F1 is low risk but rich rewarding.

C.Toyota team has always been experienced.

D.Toyota made good preparations for the 2003 season.

70.What will the next paragraph talk about if the passage goes on?

A.Preparations for the 2003 season.

B.The value of Ove Andersson.

C.How to improve the European market.

D.Changes on technical side.

答案  68.B  69.D  70.D  71.D