Passage 4  (山东诸城等四县市2008年高考适应性训练A篇)  阅读理解

BEIJING,Feb.28,2008(Xinhua)—China plans to carry out its first spacewalk in second half of the year,an official of the nation's manned space program said here on Thursday.

The Shenshou Ⅶ spacecraft will be launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the northwestern province of Gansu late in the year and the astronauts will leave their spaceship for the first time, the official told Xinhua Compared with the previous two manned space flights,the upcoming Shenzhou Ⅶ space mission is more complex.Besides the spacewalk,the crew is also expected to perform extra-vehicular work such as fixing and tightening equipment.The spaceship will also release a small inspection satellite,which keeps an eye on its own performance.

China may live broadcast the first ever spacewalk.“The Shenzhou Ⅶ spaceship is able to live-broadcast the walk,but it has not been decided whether the spacewalk will be broadcast in a live or recorded version.”the official told Xinhua.

Breakthroughs have been made in significant techniques related to the spacewalk.Research into the development of spaceship and rockets has been going smoothly,and astronauts have undertaken extensive training,according to the official.

“The Shenzhou Ⅶ mission will start the second phase of China's three-stage space program” said the official.

In the second stage,China plans further breakthroughs in manned space flight,such as space walks.In this phase,China will put into orbit a space laboratory staffed by humans for short periods and create a fully-equipped space engineering system.

In the third stage,China will build a permanent space station and a space engineering system Astronauts and scientists will travel between the Earth and the space station to conduct large-scale experiments.

56.The news mainly tells its readers that  _________.     

A.China intends to conduct a spacewalk for the first time

B.China plans to launch her third manned space flight

C.China tries to live broadcast her first-time spacewalk

D.China prepares to start her third-stage space program

57.What is included in the second stage of China's three-stage space program?

A.Creating an ever-lasting space station for astronauts

B.Placing a man-staffed lab into orbit for long periods.

C.Carrying out large-scale experiments in laboratories.

D.Setting up a fully-equipped space engineering System.

58.It can be learned from the passage that  _________.     

A.important technique about spacewalk remains uncertain in spite of researches.

B.spacewalk is the only factor that leads to Shenzbou Ⅶ mission's complexity.

C.due to Shenzhou Ⅶ's inability,it's uncertain how to broadcast the spacewalk.

D.our country is getting along quite well with developing spaceship and rockets

59.What's the main function of the inspection satellite?

A.To keep an eye on the Shenzhou Ⅶ's performance

B.To keep watch on the weather changes.

C.To broadcast the TV programmers.

D.To work as a detector for the space flight.

60.Which of the following tasks is NOT to be performed by the Shenzbou Ⅶ?

A.Carrying out a spacewalk.

B.Performing some repair work.

C.Releasing a small inspection satellite.

D.Building a permanent space station and a space engineering system.

答案  56.A  57.D  58.D  59.A