Group P高中英语听力专线()



1.What does the woman think of tomatoes?

A.They are not tasty.

B.They are really good.

C.She doesn’t like them.

2.Where is the man now?

A.In New York.B.In Boston.

C.In Washington.

3.What are the two speakers talking about?

A.A book.B.A film.C.A record.

4.What can we learn about the woman?

A.She wants to make fun of the man.

B.She doesn’t know how to scan pictures.

C.She is curious about how to use the computer.

5.What happened to the man?

A.He fell on the ground.

B.His car’s windscreen was broken.

C.He was hit by a stone.




6.What was the matter with the woman?

A.She was angry with the man.

B.She quarreled with Jack.

C.She hated doing homework.

7.What do we know about Jack?

A.He cleaned up the bedroom.

B.He understood the woman.

C.He made the room in a mess.


8.How does the woman keep fit?

A.Taking exercise. B.Eating vegetables.

C.Eating less.

9.What did the man often do when he was at school?

A.Did nothing but study.

B.Swam from time to time.

C.Swam twice a week.

10.What can you infer the man will do this evening?

A.Go to swim by himself.

B.Go upstairs with the woman.

C.Swim with the woman.


11.Where are the two speakers?

A. On a bus.

B.In the shopping district.

C.At a street corner.

12.What’s the largest building on the left?

A.Thebank.B.The City Hall.

C.The department store.

13.What does the man need?



14.What do we know about the flat?

A.It is near the bus stop.

B.The kitchen is a bit old.

C.It has full furniture.

15.What shouldn’t the man pay for except the rent?

A.Cable TV.B.Gas fees.C.Water fees.

16.How much is the rent at last?

A.160 pounds a week.

B.180 pounds a week.    

C.200 pounds a week.

17.What will the man have to do after fixing the rent?

A.Cleaning the flat. B.Having dinner.        

C.Signing a contract.


18.When did the student borrow the book?

A.Seven days ago.B.A fortnight ago.

C.A month ago.

19.Why did the student come again?

A.Because he didn’t finish reading it.

B.Because a beautiful girl wanted to read it.

C.Because he wrote a girl’s telephone number in it.

20.What would the librarian feel when she knew the student’s real purpose?

A.She would feel angry.

B.She would feel delighted.

C.She would feel disappointed.