Group P 高中英语听力专线(一)



1.What does the woman suggest the man do?

A.Wash fewer clothes at a time.

B.Use a different washing machine.

C.Let us use the washing machine first.

2.What can be inferred about the woman?

A.She is going to drop the class too.

B.She doesn’t know how to swim.

C.It took her a long time to learn to swim.

3.What does the doctor imply?

A.The man should continue using the medicine.

B.She’ll be away from the office for two days.

C.The man doesn’t need anything for his cough.

4.What will the man probably do next?

A.Buy the pants the woman showed him.

B.Wait until the pants are on sale.

C.Look at pants made of a different material.

5.What can be inferred about professor Burns?

A.She didn’t require any papers last semester.

B.She was more flexible last semester.

C.She grades papers very quickly.




6.What is the woman good at?


7.How long will the girl work altogether?

A.3 months.B.3.5 months.

C.Just 4 months.

8.What can we learn from the end of the interview?

A.The woman will lose the job.

B.The woman must take another interview.

C.The woman will work fulltime.


9.Where does the conversation take place?


10.How will they go?

A.By plane.B.By car.C.By train.

11.When will they probably leave?

A.At 8:00.B.At 12:00.C.At 6:00.


12.Where did Doug and Diane first meet?

A.At school.B.At a restaurant.

C.At a party.

13.How did he know where she lived?

A.He asked a friend for directions.

B.He followed her home.

C.He looked her up in the phone book.


14.What are they talking about?

A.A travel plan. B.The last vacation.

C.A newspaper.

15.How can they get the price?

A.Read the ad.B.Call the hotel.

C.Call the travel office.

16.What can we learn about the man?

A.He is not in good health.

B.He doesn’t want to travel at all.

C.He prefers to stay in the same place.


17.What’s the strongest reason why Englishmen often go to pubs?

A.To meet their friends.

B.To see respectable women.

C.To relax themselves.

18.What is a woman not supposed to do if she wants to visit an English pub?

A.Go there alone.

B.Go there with her family.

C.Go there with a man.

19.According to the passage,how long do pubs usually stay open?

A.11 hours.B.12 hours.C.13 hours.

20.What are many men dreaming of?

A.Telling their troubles to a pretty girl.

B.Retiring from their jobs and buying a little country pub.

C.Leaving their homes.