Group N高中英语听力专线()



1.When does this conversation take place?

A.2:00 p.m..B.12:00 noon. C.11:00 a.m..

2. Where does the conversation probably take place?

A.In a library.B.In a bookstore.

C.In the classroom.

3.What does the man take the picture for?

A.For a newspaper.B.For a magazine.

C.For a book.

4.Where is the man going on Saturday evening?

A.To a live play.B.To a film show.C.To an art exhibition.

5.What do we learn from this conversation?

A.The plane will leave at 9:14.

B.The woman has just missed her flight.

C.The plane’s departure time remains unknown.




6.What is the possible relationship between the woman and the man?

 A.Boss and secretary.B.Doctor and patient.

C.Wife and husband.

7.What does the woman think about the man?

A.He is working hard.

B.He is not telling the truth.

C.He sleeps too much.


8.What might the relationship between the woman and her parents be?

A.Good.B.Bad.C.Hard to tell.

9.How old might the woman be?


10.Which of the following is right?

A.The woman has no pocket money.

B.The woman has much freedom.

C.The woman wants to go on holidays with her parents.


11. Which places does the woman want to visit?

A.Art galleries,Buckingham Palace,Hyde Park.

B.Museums,Hyde Park,Buckingham Palace.

C.Theaters,museums,art galleries.

12.Will the woman go shopping?

A.Yes,as she’s interested in it.

B.No,as time is limited.

C.It depends.

13.What does the man probably do?

A.A guide.B.A traveler.C.A policeman.


14.What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A.Their jobs.

B.Their apartments.

C.Their driving experiences.

15.How does the man feel about his present situation?


16.What will the man do then?

A.Drive the car to work.

B.Visit the woman’s apartment building.

C.Talk with his landlady.


17. How many years is it since the couple got married?

A.Seven years.B.Eight years.

C.A few years.

18. What did the man tell his friend?

A.The secret of his doing research work.

B.The secret of his happy married life.

C.The secret about how he keeps healthy.

19. How about the man’s wife according to the man’s words?

A.She is lazy.B.She is able.

C.She is clever.

20. What can we infer from this passage?

A.The man decides nothing at home.

B.The man is an important official.

C.The man does more housework.