Group N高中英语听力专线()



1.Where is the man’s mother now?

A.At home.B.In a hospital.

C.At a bus stop.

2.Where is the man going first?

A.To the Healey Supermarket.

B.To the airport.

C.To Canada.

3.How does the man feel about his job ?

A.He enjoys it very much.

B.He doesn’t care much about it.

C.He hates working late.

4.On which days next week will the man have examinations?

A.Every day except Thursday.            

B.Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

C.Monday,Tuesday and Friday.

5.What does the woman mean?

A.He cannot make a copy because of the copyright.

B.He can make his copy by himself.

C.He should wait until tomorrow.




6.Who is the man?

A.A passerby.B.The car driver.

C.The truck driver.

7.What happened according to the conversation?

A.A car was hit on Highway 204.

B.A truck was burned on Highway 204.

C.The driver of a truck was badly hurt.

8.How soon will help come?

A.In five minutes.B.In ten minutes.

C.In fifteen minutes.


9.What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?

A.Teacher and student.B.Good friends.

C.Mother and son.

10.What did the boy often do at school?

A.He often stayed after school.

B.He was often late for class.

C.He often fell asleep in class.

11.Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A.The boy prefers to drop out and work.

B.The boy has much interest neither in school nor in work.

C.The boy is discouraged because he hasn’t passed the exam.


12.What’s the weather like?

A.Cloudy and warm.B.Lovely and warm.

C.Fine but cloudy.

13.Where are the speakers?

A.At the station.B.In a flat.

C.In a park.

14.What is the man doing in England?

A.Spending his holiday.

B.Practising his English.

C.Visiting a Greek family.


15.What do we know about the woman?

A.She loves cooking very much.

B.She often eats in restaurants.

C.She doesn’t like the baked pizza.

16.How long does it take Jean to go to work by bus?

A.About 14 minutes.B.About 20 minutes.

C.About 45 minutes.

17. How does the man go to work?

A.On foot.B.By bus. C.By bike.


18. When did Hemingway win the Nobel Prize in Literature?

A.In 1953.B.In 1954.C.In 1955.

19.Which book made the greatest impression on the speaker?

A.The Sun Also Rises.

B. A Farewell to Arms.

C.The Old Man and the Sea.

20.What did Hemingway show to us in The Old Man  and the Sea?