On Talents

Why did some people become world-famous and admired by millions of others? Were they really more talented than other people? Or did they succeed through hard work? In my opinion, talents play a less important role than hard work in people's studies or work.

First of all, if we work hard, we can make good use of our talents. As is known to all, Madame Curie won the Nobel Prize twice for her great scientific discoveries. She achieved her success by making experiments one after another.

Besides, hard work can cultivate our talents. Edison, the inventor of light, was said to be stupid when he was young. By making great efforts in his wark, he become more and more clever and succeeded in his work. In fact, we can all get ahead in our studies or work through hard work.

In short, in our studies and work, talents are not so important as hard work. Working hard, our talents can be fully made use of and well cultivated.