第二节 完形填空(共20小题:每小题1.5分,满分30分)


I went to a group activity, “Sensitivity Sunday”, which was to make us more   36   the problems faced by disabled people. We were asked to “  37   a disability” for several hours one Sunday. Some members,   38  , chose to use wheelchairs. Others wore sound-blocking earplugs (耳塞) or blindfolds (眼罩).

Just sitting in the wheelchair was a   39   experience. I had never considered before how40  it would be to use one. As soon as I sat down my   41   made the chair begin to roll. Its wheels were not   42  . Then I wondered where to put my   43  . It took me quite a while to get the metal footrest into   44  . I took my first uneasy look at what was to be my only means of   45   for several hours. For disabled people, “adopting a wheelchair” is not a temporary (临时的)   46  .

I tried to find a   47   position and thought it might be restful,   48   kind of nice, to be  49    around for a while. Looking around, I   50   I would have to handle the thing myself! My hands started to ache as I   51   the heavy wheels. I came to know that controlling the   52 of the wheelchair is not going to be a (an)   53   task.

My wheelchair experiment was soon   54  . It made a deep impression on me. A few hours of “disability” gave me only a taste of the   55  , both physical and mental, that disabled people must overcome.

36. A. curious about          B. interested in           C. aware of         D. careful with 

37. A. cure                         B. prevent               C. adopt           D. analyze 

38. A. instead                       B. strangely              C. as usual         D. like me

39. A. learning                      B. working              C. satisfying       D. relaxing

40. A. convenient             B. awkward              C. boring         D. exciting

41. A. height                B. force                 C. skill           D. weight

42. A. locked                B. repaired                     C. powered       D. grasped

43. A. hands                 B. feet                 C. keys           D. handles

44. A. place                 B. action                C. play           D. effect

45. A. operation             B. communication       C. transportation   D. production

46. A. exploration            B. education            C. experiment     D. entertainment

47. A. flexible               B. safe                C. starting       D. comfortable

48. A. yet                  B. just                C. still          D. even

49. A. shown                B. pushed             C. driven          D. guided

50. A. realized               B. suggested           C. agreed         D. admitted

51. A. lifted                 B. turned             C. pressed         D. seized

52. A. path                 B. position            C. direction        D. way

53. A. easy                 B. heavy              C. major          D. extra

54. A. forgotten             B. repeated            C. conducted       D. finished

55. A. weaknesses           B. challenges           C. anxieties       D. illnesses

答案:36-40 CCDAB   41-45 DABAC   46-50 CDBBA   51-55 BCADB


36. 答案:C

【解析】本题考查词组辨析。curious about “对……感到好奇”;interested in “对……有兴趣”;aware of“知道,意识到,关心”;careful with“小心……”;根据上下文可知,这个小组活动的目的是让我们对残疾人面对的问题更加的了解和关心。选项C符合题意。

37. 答案:C


38. 答案:D

【解析】本题考查上下文语义。instead“反而,却”;strangely“奇怪地”;as usual“像平常一样”;like me“像我一样”;前面提到每个人都需要选择一个项目,有些人选择了轮椅,有些人选择了耳塞或眼罩。从下文可知,我也是选择了轮椅,所以答案选D。

39. 答案:A

【解析】本题考查learning“学习,了解”; working“工作上的,起作用的”;satisfying“令人满意的”;relaxing“使人放松的”;仅仅是坐在轮椅中都是一个学习了解的过程。

40. 答案:B


41. 答案:D


42. 答案:A


43. 答案:B


44. 答案:A 

【解析】本题考查词组搭配。get sth. into place意为“使……就位,准备就绪”。

45. 答案:C

【解析】本题考查名词辨析。operation“操作”;communication“交流,通讯”;transportation“交通工具”;production“生产”;文章第一段提到作者会在轮椅中体验好几个小时,从空格后面的for several hours可知,这里作者看的是轮椅,而轮椅是一种交通工具,所以答案选C。

46. 答案:C


47. 答案:D


48. 答案:B

49. 答案:B

50. 答案:A

【解析】48、49、50可以连起来判断答案。从下文“环顾四周,我才意识到我要自己推这个轮椅!”从作者的感叹语气可以推断,作者一开始还以为会有人来带着他到处走走,所以觉得这样很不错。48题选B,此处just意为“真正地,实在,的确”,后面常接形容词,用于口语中。这是一道比较难的题目。49题选B,be pushed around表示“被别人推着到处转转”。50题选A,realize“意识到”。

51. 答案:B


52. 答案:C


53. 答案:A 


54. 答案:D


55. 答案:B