Bringing Star Power into Fashion

A lot of the time celebrities have a team of people telling them what to wear for every different occasion. However, a naturally style savvy (精通时尚的) celeb is not unheard of.

With her clothing range, in collaboration (合作) with British high street brand (大众品牌) River Island, launched at the London Fashion Week last month, Rihanna is the most recent among the stand-out style stars who have fashion running through their veins.

Kate Moss

Rising to fame in the mid-1990s, Kate Moss is one of the biggest supermodels ever and a fashion veteran (老手). In 2006 she began collaborating with British retailer Topshop and over the years she has had 14 collections, all inspired by her own taste and unique sense of style. According to Forbes magazine, Moss has since earned more money than ever before.


Emma Watson
Clearly the stand-out star of the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson is known for her beauty, and flawless style and grace on and off the red carpet. An advocate (倡导者) of eco-friendly fashion, Emma’s worked with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti in 2011 on a collection of organic clothing featuring a series of environmentally friendly dresses.
艾玛•沃特森 毫无疑问是《哈利波特》系列电影的最引人瞩目的明星,以其美丽的外表和完美无瑕的风格和出席各种典礼时的优雅而闻名。艾玛倡导友好生态的时尚,2011年在有机服装系列发表会上,与意大利设计师阿尔伯特•菲尔蒂合作,塑造了一系列环境友好型礼服。

Victoria Beckham
It’s not a novelty that Victoria Beckham is considered a real trendsetter among celebrities. Indeed it was only a matter of time for her to start designing her own collection. With a denim collection, the former Spice Girl unveiled her own fashion brand, dvb, in 2007. Her designing works, ranging from clothes to fragrances, have been well received, with critics calling them “impressive,” “desirable” and “classy. ”
维多利亚•贝克汉姆被认为是名人间一个真正的潮流引领者,这已经不是一件新鲜事了。事实上,到她开始设计自己的系列服装只是一个时间的问题。2007年,随着牛仔系列的发布,这个前辣妹推出了自己的时装品牌—DVB。她的设计作品,从服装到香水,已广为接受,评论家们称它们是“令人印象深刻的”, “理想的”和“优雅的”。

Justin Timberlake
A global music superstar, Justin Timberlake also earned the respect of fashion gurus (大师)—not only for being one of the most stylish celebrities but also for being a promising designer. He teamed up with entrepreneur Trace Ayala and they together founded the clothing line entitled William Rast. Besides following his busy singing and acting schedule, Justin has managed to incorporate (使融入) his sense of style into the clothing line, which is best known for its jeans.

Who own his/her own brand according to the passage?
A Emma Watson
B Justin Timberlake
C Kate Moss
D Victoria Beckham






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