Group N高中英语听力专线(十)



1.What season is it now?


2.What does the woman mean?

A.She doesn’t have a bike.

B.Her mother made up the story.

C.She didn’t tell the man the truth.

3.What is the woman most probably?

A.A clerk.B.A librarian.C.A waitress.

4.Where is the woman going for holiday this year?


5.What does the man mean?

A.He doesn’t want the woman to open the window.

B.He has caught a cold.

C.It’s too cold outside.




6.What’ s the weather like?

A.Warm and sunny.   B.Cold and cloudy.   C.Snowy.

7.Who will drive the man to work?

A.The man himself.              B.The woman.


8.When is it now?

A.In the morning.                B.At home.

C.In the evening.


9.When are they going to meet?

A.On Wednesday morning.

B.On Friday evening.

C.On Wednesday evening.

10.What is the probable job of the woman?

A.A film star.     B.A musician.  

C.A football player.

11. What are they going to do?

A.To see a film.

B.To have dinner together.

C.To enjoy a concert.


12.Where does this conversation most probably take place?

A.At the woman’s home.

B.At a museum of art.

C.At the man’s home.

13.Where did the woman buy the prints?

A.In Boston.B.In New York.

C.In a European city.

14.What is the woman going to do?

A.Make another museum tour.

B.Organize an exhibition of art.

C.Visit some European painters.


15.What is the woman doing?

A.She is having a job interview.       

B.She is interviewing a famous sports star.

C.She is making a selfintroduction in public.

16.Why was the woman out of school for half a year during high school?

A.Because she was badly ill.

B.Because she had to act in a film.

C.Because her father took her to America.

17.What parttime job did the woman do at college?

A.A designer.B.A teacher.

C.A travel guide.


18.What percent of the fouryear  schools began as public agricultural colleges in America?

A.About 1/4. B.About 1/24.

C.About 1/6.

19.When was the idea of the land grant college developed?

A.In 1826.           

B.More than 100 years ago.

C.About 200 years ago.

20.What do we know about the international students this year at the College of Agricultural Sciences?

A.There are 5 graduate students altogether.

B.Most of them are from Africa,Asia and Europe.

C.There are 205 international students.