Group N高中英语听力专线()



1.What is the relationship between the two speakers?

A.Uncle and niece.B.Aunt and nephew.


2.Why is the man calling?

A.To change his appointment.

B.To speak to Dr.Zane.

C.To see the woman.

3. Which credit card is not accepted in this restaurant?






4.Who is the woman?

A.A ticket collector.B.An exhibition visitor.

C.A street cleaner.

5.What can we know about Mr Johnson?

A.He likes to help others.

B.He is a tall young man.

C.He is a Sales Manager.




6.When is the conversation probably taking place?

A.In the morning.B.In the afternoon.

C.In the evening.

7.What does the man want to eat?

A.Bread.B.Milk.C.Fried eggs and ham.

8.What should the man like before eating?


9.What did some Africans use to think of beauty?

A.The fatter,the more beautiful.

B.The taller and stronger,the better.

C.The thinner,the prettier.

10.How was a woman treated before marrying a chief?

A.She was made up to be more beautiful.

B.She was fed as much as possible to become fat.

C.She was taken a walk with the chief.

11.What’s the probable effect of the custom on the woman?

A.She would not live long.

B.She would enjoy her beauty.

C.She would not stay with her husband.


12.What’s wrong with the two speakers?

A.They don’ t have an engine.

B.Their tank is half full.

C.They run out of gas.

13.Where are they going?

A.To the seaport.       B.To the railway station.

C.To the airport.

14.What should they do now?

A.Do nothing but wait.  B.Find a policeman.

C.Telephone the nearest gas station.


15.What will  Mary’s mother receive for her birthday?

A.A shirt.B.A skirt.C.A plate.

16.Who’ll cook the special dinner?

A.Mary. B.Mary’s friend.

C.Mary’ s mother.

17.Who will do the shopping?

A.Mary’ s father and mother.

B.Mary and her mother.

C.Mary and her father.


18. What did the speaker think had happened when she woke up?

A.Her house was on fire.

B.Some guests had arrived.

 C.Her house was broken into.

19.Why was the speaker afraid to get into the living room?

A.It was too dark there.

B.There might be burglars.

C.The policemen were there.

20. What did the police find out?

A.The woman forgot to turn off the TV set.

B.Two men were trying to steal the TV set.

C.Someone had opened the door with a special key.