Group O 高中英语听力专线(一)



1.How much was the TV set?

A.$60.B.$120. C.$90.

2.What does the man mean?

A.Tom was talking with the postman.

B.Tom was running around the corner.

C.Tom was helping the postman with his work.

3.What does the man want to do?

A.Buy a fan.B.Use electricity.

C.Cool himself down.

4.Why did the boss criticize Joseph?

A.He was late for work.

B.He quarrelled with the man speaker.

C.He criticized the man speaker too seriously.

5.Who is Fiona?

A.The woman speaker. B.Thompson’s sister.

C.Daisy’s sister.




6. What was the weather like last week?

A.Nice and sunny.  B.Too warm.

C.Neither hot nor cold.

7. What season is it now?

A.Summer. B.Winter. C.Autumn.

8.What does the man think the weather will be like this weekend?

A.He thinks it’ll rain.

B.He doesn’t think it’ll rain.

C.He thinks it’ll be cloudy.


9.What can we know about the singing group?

A.It’s made up of 15 girls.

B.It practices once every other week.

C.Every member comes on time for each practice.

10.What is the singing group doing these days?

A.Practicing eight songs.

B.Performing a new song.

C.Practicing for a school show.

11.What can we know about the new song?

A.Its name is Sundays.

B.It’s written by a famous musician.

C.It’s written by a singer of the group.


12.What is the father reading at the beginning of the conversation?

A.A novel.B.A magazine.

C.A newspaper.

13.What kind of book does the girl want to read?

A.A book about animals.

B.A book on dolls.

C.A book about candy and cookies.

14.What does the girl’s teacher say about reading?

A.The girl can borrow books from the library.

B.The girl should read books every day.

C.The girl ought to read at least ten books a night.


15.Where are they planning to go in the morning?

A.To a zoo.B.To an art museum.

C.To the seashore.

16.Why does the woman want to go shopping instead?

A.To buy some clothes.

B.To meet her friend there.

C.To buy a gift for her friend.

17.What are they talking about?

A.A city guide.B.A shopping center.

C.A travel plan.


18.What is the main idea of this passage?

A.How do you decide what you are going to buy in a supermarket.

B.Who decides what you should buy in a supermarket.

C.How does a supermarket make people spend more money.

19.Why does the food that everybody must buy spread all over the store?

A.To lead customers to all sections of the store.

B.To make it easy for customers to locate the food.

C.To provide a good service.

20.How much do people spend after they have been in a store for 30 minutes?

A.40 cents each minute.B.1,500 cents in total.

C.Five dollars each minute.