New York City


In the Scott household, the Thanksgiving traditions have never waned; they've just changed a bit. Although I now live in New York City, I never spend Thanksgiving away from the farm. Instead of at my grandparents' farm, it is now at my own farm in Virginia. Both my wife and I love to cook and we try to do extra special things on the holidays. In addition to our old traditional family favorites, we've added a molded tomato salad, an extremely rich sweet potato casserole, and a heavenly coconut and mandarin orange salad. But no matter how much the menu changes, no matter if we are serving roast goose instead of roast turkey or Southern pecan pie instead of apple, the sentiment remains the same.
在Scott的家里,感恩节的传统并没有消退,只是有了一点改变。虽然我现在住在纽约,但我并没有让感恩节离开农场,只是由原来的祖父母的农场变成了现在我在Virginia的自己的农场。我的妻子和我都喜欢烹饪,并且会尝试着做一些特别的东西来庆祝节日。除了旧传统里家人喜欢的食物外,我们还增加了蕃茄沙拉,和非常丰富的甘薯炖菜,极好的椰肉和柑橘沙拉。不管菜单改变了多少、我们是否将烤火鸡改成了烤鹅肉、将苹果派改成了核桃派,那份留存在心里的情感都是一样的。 ——译文来自: mannywang927