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For decades, people have become accustomed to seeing the large flower beds on Tian'anmen Square during festivals. One of those occasions is National Day.

The tradition of decorating Tian'anmen Square with flower terraces began in 1986. This year, the major formation in the center will be a huge red lantern, some 50 meters long and 15 meters high.
Decked with golden Chinese knot and auspicious clouds, the lantern will represent best wishes for the country. A series of smaller terraces lining the east and west of the square will be adorned with local flowers such as Chrysanthemum and pansy.

After the Mid-Autumn festival, there will be 12 groups of terraces set along Chang'an Avenue from Jianguomen to Fuxinmen. The total number of flowers exhibited for National Day will be up to 20 million pots.


flower beds:花坛
Tian'anmen Square :天安门广场
National Day:国庆节
flower terraces:花台
Chinese knot:中国结
auspicious clouds:祥云
Chang'an Avenue:长安街