1. The Origins of Chocolate
Chocolate is a treat known around the globe today. However, 2,000 years ago, it came from trees that grew only in what region of the world?
A. Western Europe
B. Central and South America
C. West Africa

 2. Chocolate Spreads as Tribute and Trade
Chocolate was such a popular drink during the Classic Maya Period that its reputation rapidly spread. Which culture learned of this treasured treat after the Maya?
A. Anasazi
B. Inca
C. Aztec

 3. Europe Welcomes Chocolate
Chocolate remained a local Central and South American favorite drink until the early 1500s. Then which country claimed the drink for its own and introduced the chocolate craze to wealthy Europeans?
A. France
B. Spain
C. The Netherlands

 4. Chocolate, A Global Product
After chocolate became a mass-produced family favorite, nations around the world began to get involved in the cacao business. Which countries export and import the most cacao today?
A. Export: Ivory Coast---Import: Netherlands
B. Export: Indonesia---Import: United States
C. Export: Mexico---Import: Germany

treat: 这里作名词,意思是招待,乐事(一种特别的欣喜或乐趣来源),如:万圣节小孩子们常说的“Trick-or-treat” (不给糖就捣蛋)
tribute: 礼物,贡物
craze: 风尚,狂热;和fashion相比有热过头,盲从的意味;如:Real estate craze(房地产热);The craze swept the country.(这一风尚曾风靡全国。)
mass-produce: 大量生产,批量生产