Which sentences have made you think the most in your life?


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I read this quote about six years ago when I was in college. It took me five years to figure out what it really meant.

Like 90% of my peers, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or who I wanted to become. At the exact same time Instagram was becoming really big. I started following bloggers and world travelers who seemed to have it all together. I can still feel the sting that pinged my heart when I would see that these globe trotters were younger than me and seemed to have it all figured out.

How had they figured it out? What had they been given that I hadn’t?

For years I asked these questions. I would wonder what the difference between them and I were. It took me until one year ago to realize what the difference was between these “successful” millennials and myself.

They had taken action. They had done something at some point that had catalyzed them to the lifestyle they were now living. While I had been spending years wondering what they had been given that allowed them to create successful blogs and travel the world they had been taking the action and finding out how to create successful blogs and travel the world.

We were both totally equal, the only thing separating us was action.

All it took for me to go from unhappy college graduate working at a bar to freelancing writer was realizing that if I took things into my own hands, I would figure it out.

To this day, this quote has been the most powerful sentence I have ever come across. It explains everything you need to know about creating the lifestyle and career that you have always wanted.


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I was working in a car shop while I was in college. One Friday evening, we had just finished up there and the guys wanted to go to the bar across the side street. I wanted to go too, and I wanted to go get cleaned up first. The guy who owned the garage, Bob, said, “If they don’t like you dirty, they don’t like you clean either.”

That applies to a lot of areas of life. If they don’t like you how you are, the people in question probably just don’t like you and won’t even if you change.