What is the weirdest reason teachers have heard for a student being absent?


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Shall I nominate my earliest lie for this?

Sleeping in classroom and getting caught for that, was my routine when I was 3–5 years old. Then one day I was on leave and the next day my teacher asked me for the reason. Then, with utter helplessness, I gave this excuse.

Me: “I was sleeping Ma'am”.

Teacher: “Sleeping for one whole day?”

Me: “Yes ma'am my mom never allows me to sleep at night. That's why I sleep often during class.”

Teacher: “But why would she not allow?”

Me: “We are preparing for the final exams”.

My teacher called my mom up and said she almost believed in my lie because of the innocence she felt, until she heard a kindergarten kid was preparing sleeplessly for the final exams, that comes after 6 months.

My mom calls me a born liar since then.


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His pet skunk died.

A student came into class one day and explained to the teacher that they were absent from school the day before because they were mourning the death of their pet skunk.

At first the teacher didn’t believe them, but then the kid’s parents filled in the details. The new housecleaner had accidentally used a cleaning product toxic to skunks, and this student was, in fact, so inconsolable that they didn’t return to school until the next day.


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My weirdest reason for being late for a class was “The cat was on fire”.

I was listening to this CD while getting ready for class:

Next thing I know my roommate's wife is pounding on my bedroom door yelling “Help the cat is on fire and hiding under my bed”. My first thought was that she had heard what I was listening to and was joking but she was serious.

She had had a scented candle burning on the coffee table while she watched a movie and the cat had walked over it, setting his fur on fire. She had slapped him to put out the fire and he ran and hid under the bed still smoking. I crawled under and checked the fire was out but ended up leaving him there once I was sure he was OK. He had all his claws dug into the carpet, dead center under the queen sized bed.

The cat had thick enough fur he was unharmed even though the fur on his belly was frizzy and burned to little more than stubble. The whole apartment stunk of burnt hair for a week.

The teacher wasn’t sure whether to believe me or not but he said it was original enough he didn’t care.