Directions:Study the following drawing carefullyand write an essay in which you should

1) describe the drawing,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) support your view with examples.

Groups of bees work together to produce honey. Their great efforts are not selfish,however, as the amount of honey they produce is for an entire group rather than a singleindividual.

The drawing above suggests that people should selflessly dedicate themselvesto theircommunity as a whole. This spirit of dedication requires faith. Selfless hard work is anembodiment of responsibility and strength.

The health of nations requires a spirit of devotion. Chinese teachers, doctors and athleteswho all work for the benefit of their country, for example, aredevoting themselves regardless offame or fortune. They are dedicated to the society they live within. No matter what type ofjob one holds, one should work hard and in earnest to improve one's community.

The results of dedication, however, depend not only on one's willingness to give but alsoon one's ability. If you are enthusiastic about devoting yourself to your country, but do nothave the skills it takes to do so, you cannot effect much change. The more competent, one is,the greater one's contribution. Therefore, it is essential that students focus on their studiesand enhance their skills in order to properly give back to society.