1 while 引导的状语从句 Different people have different views on opportunity. Some people think that there are few opportunities in the world, while others argue that everybody will have some kind of opportunity along his life route.

2 Those who…句型 Those who are in favor of the Internet claim that it has a lot of advantages.

3 倒装句 Only when all of us join in the efforts of eliminating cheating at all levels can we expect to have a cleaner society and a more beautiful future.

4 条件状语从句 He will make the right choice if he knows his goal in life and how to make decisions according to the goal.

5 强调句 First of all, the main financial support comes from parents and other family members. For all the years it is they who give the student courage and determination to hold on and excel.

6 反问句 How shall I sum up my feeling upon hearing the news of this new test?

7 结果状语从句 so…that…, so that, such…that…

8 让步状语从句 To begin with, although you may feel anxious to finish the work when the deadline is drawing near, it doesn’t mean you can finish your job with high quality.

9 not (never)… until… We can never wish to realize our dream of a cleaner and more beautiful environment until all of us take actions to build, protect and take care of it.

10 There is no such thing as… Taking all these factors into consideration, we may safely come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as destined fate in our life.

11 平行结构 For another, if a person is diligent and determined, he will realize his dream no matter how poor, humble or unlucky he may be.