There is a growing recognition that environmental protection plays an extremely important role in our life.


As the post-90’s generation, we should lay great emphasis on maintaining good health.


Opinions vary greatly when it comes to whether one should work for a state-owned company or a joint venture.

📌 结果类经典句

It goes without saying that economic growth exerts a profound influence on our environment.


The past several years have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of students who would like to go abroad for further study.


Virtual Reality, which allows us to communicate more effectively, has captured a great deal of public attention.


Recently, parents in mounting numbers tend to pay much attention to children’s education, which has aroused much interest in the society.

📌 趋势类经典句

With the popularity of the Internet, online courses have gradually emerged into our vision and become increasingly popular among college students.




Owing to the steady and rapid economic development of our country, people’s living standard is simultaneously improving at a fast rate. 


The Chinese economy has experienced astonishing growth in the last few decades.




In modern society where competition is intense, young people are under enormous strain from their work and family. 


With the quickening pace of urban life and ever-increasing pressure, people in growing numbers are suffering from either the physical or mental problems. 



With the unemployment rate running high in most big cities, job security is becoming less and less guaranteed.


As Chinese universities keep expanding their scale of students’ enrollment, college students find it more and more difficult to find a job upon graduation. 



There is an increasing upward mobility of the younger generation and dramatic changes in traditional concepts.


In contemporary society where opportunities abound, everybody embraces his or her own ambition, and most of us are willing to strive towards our realization. 




China has been burdened with massive population. It is suggested that uncontrolled population growth could lead to undesirable future rife with deep-rooted social ills.


The period of the 1970s is characterized by the baby boom in China. With an exponential increase in population, people’s work and life are increasingly stressful. 




Time and again, science and technology has created wonders and even miracles, thus fortifying our belief in it.


Never in history was science and technology so emphasized as in modern society.



It is fair to assert that it is science and technology that should be given most of the credit in fabricating our modern life.


Modern technology considerably alters the way people communicate with each other. 



The youngsters are more likely to be overly dependent on technology, even getting addicted to it.


Technology could render city-dwellers slaves to high technology, alienating people from one another.




The hunger for higher education is understandable: these days it is a requirement for a decent job and an entry ticket to the middle class.


Education can cultivate and elevate people’s mind, empowering us with confidence, courage and other virtues. 



Schools nowadays tend to pay special attention to the students’ academic scores rather than their morality.


Most students usually concentrate merely on their school performance but neglect the other important aspects in life. 




Travelling can enlarge our experiences, relax our mind and widen our circle of friends.




In light of the growing number of senior citizens in many countries, the caring for elderly people is becoming harder to tackle. 



The current generation of college students principally comprise those who were born in the 90’s, a great number of them being the only child. 


There exist some misunderstandings and generation gaps between parents and their children. The young are more self-centered and do not blindly follow their parents’ ideas.




We are suffering greatly from the environmental destruction.

Environmental protection is caring about ourselves and ensuring environmental sustainability for future generation.


Environmental protection is a central part of our effort to keep the economic development sustainable.




People with the spirit of creativity can not only accumulate wealth, but also establish their career, fit into society, and even attain social status.


Simply put, the spirit of collaboration makes a person, an organization, and even a country, distinctively unique. Only those who are of qualitative uniqueness have opportunities to succeed.



It is well-known that we exist in a dynamic world with various difficulties. We can do nothing but face them. Attitude is the key point to take the first step.


The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them. So having right values in life is very important for us, especially youngsters.




1. 推动/解决问题

2. 展望未来

3. 双刃剑(特殊情况)



In conclusion, _____.

To sum up, ______.

Needless to say, ______.

By and large, ________.

As has been noted above, _________.

Given the factors I have just outlined, _________.




advocate this phenomenon/spirit

curb, cease, impede, prevent, put an end to, eliminate

现象:social phenomenon, situation, condition

好(现象):positive, favorable, desirable

坏(现象):negative, unfavorable, undesirable, adverse



(1) It seems to me that it is high time that we should take concerted steps.

(2) On the micro level, I believe it is every individual’s duty to take actions.

(3) From where I stand, every one of us might as well join in the efforts.

(4) Accordingly, it is imperative for us to take some measures.

(5) From my perspective, only when all of us join in the efforts at all levels can we expect to handle the issue properly.


(1) Similarly, I gradually realize that the authority and mass media need to shoulder this responsibility.

(2) Since my own voice is too weak to be heard, I hope we can call on the public to take this responsibility.

(3) Some relevant laws and regulations should be enacted and enforced.

(4) On the macro level, the government and mass media should be held accountable.

(5) It is urgent and imperative for the mass media to take some measures.


1. 不一定每篇文章都要包括个人和政府两方面,只写一方面也不错,甚至更简洁。

2. 以上的句子都比较泛泛而谈,如果能加上一句具体的措施,则更佳。





By and large, _______(总结). On the micro level, I believe it is every individual’s duty to take actions. Since my own voice is too weak to be heard, I hope we can call on the public to take this responsibility. Only through concerted steps can we expect to handle the issue properly.


Taking into account all the above factors, I personally maintain that _______(总结). Immediate ways for solving the problems/advocating the phenomenon remain elusive. However, public recognition of the necessity will represent the first step in finding effective measures.


To sum up, _____(总结). The fundamental way in which the government addresses the problem/advocate this phenomenon is to raise the public awareness. The mass media should also join in the efforts in educating the citizens. Only through concerted steps can our society have more peace and harmony.


As has been noted above, _____(总结). Parents should offer proper advice to their children to form appropriate outlook of the world. The measures may not guarantee ultimate success, but the eventual pay-off could be well worth the effort.


Needless to say, _________. It is imperative to instill in the young a sense of awareness. In the meantime, a psychological boost is affordable to develop compassionate responses to the issue and strong values are needed to turn our rote knowledge into practice.



To sum up, ________(总结). The time is right for us to take full advantage of ample existing opportunities. We should do our utmost to advocate/curb this social phenomenon. Only in this way can our society become a more harmonious place for us to live in.


In conclusion, _______. I strongly agree that we should strive to look at the issue through skeptical eyes. There are no panaceas or prescriptions for solving the problem/advocating the phenomenon – only alternate ways of coping with it. I would be hard-pressed to imagine a worthier end.


Needless to say, _________. Time is right for us to take actions, and it needs the joint efforts of the whole community. We do, in fact, have a long way to go to reach our final goal, but achieving some remains well within the realm of possibility.


Admittedly, ensuring sustainable development will require a certain level of arduous efforts on the part of all people. Since we have a common interest in seeing this endeavor succeed, my intuition is that our own participation would overcome whatever obstacles that might stand in the way of success.



To sum up, _______ is just like a double-edged sword. We might bear in mind that it can exert both positive and negative influences on our society. However, we can avoid those undesirable effects, when making full use of it.


Based on my personal experience, I can safely draw a conclusion that ______ is a double-edged sword. Whether it is a boon or a bane will be discussed for a number of years to come. However, one should make sensible use of technology, being a master rather than a slave of it.


To sum up, _________ is like a double-edged sword. In face of this phenomenon, we should be prudent. Given the levels of intelligence and discretion imbued in people, I am sure that most of them will be able to sidestep the potential drawbacks, while taking advantage of all its merits.


In the final analysis, ______ would amount to a double-edged sword. While it would serve as an important catalyst to inspire us to great achievements, at the same time it could impede our progress in action. The optimal approach, in my view, is a balanced one which takes advantage of its benefits, while avoiding potential drawbacks.