actually 实际上;真实地  Actually, it bores me stiff.
totally 完全地 [ I totally agree. 我完全同意。]
eventually最后 [ so that amazing progress eventually occurs in short periods.]
recently 最近 [ has recently come into fashion ]
absolutely [[美, 俚](用于答话)是, 当然是; 正是如此 Do you think so? Absolutely. 你是这样想吗? 当然是。]
largely 很大程度上,大部分 [largely depend on.....]
basically 基本上
currently 现在,当前,普遍地,通常地
probably 大概,或许
surely 确切地 [i'd surely be a hippie child]
personally 就自已而言,亲自地
seriously adv. 严肃地, 认真地, 严重地


afterwards然后后来, later稍后随后, eventually最后终于, hence 从此今后

from this time/from now 从此今后

directly直接地立即, quickly很快地, shortly立刻不久, soon 不久马上

nowadays现今, presently目前不久, lately近来的,


constantly, continuously不断地经常地 



occasionally 偶尔地,

seldom 很少不常,

rarely 很少地,



accordingly 相应地 In accordance; correspondingly.

likewise 同样地照样,* The food was excellent, (and) likewise the wine. 菜好极了, 酒也是.

* I'm going to bed and you would be well advised to do likewise. 我要睡觉了,你最好也睡吧.

accordingly 因此, consequently 因此, hence 因此, thereby 因此由此

merely 只不过仅仅 merely a flesh wound.仅仅是皮肉伤 furthermore, moreover, besides nevertheless, nonetheless;

however 仍然 * He is often rude to me, but I like him nevertheless.他时常对我粗鲁无礼, 但我还很喜欢他. 

In spite of sth; 尽管, regardless 无论如何 continues to work regardless.不顾后果地继续工作


actually, definitely, undoubtedly,absolutely normally, generally, wholly 完全地彻底地 likely 或许很可能, virtually 事实上实质上, naturally, necessarily 必要地, similarly 类似地同样地 simply 简单地 conversely 相反地颠倒地 respectively 逐个地分别的, individually 个别地 * speak to each member of a group individually 对组里每个人逐个地说. separately 个别地单独地 roughly 概略地大致地, somewhat 稍微有点


approximately, nearly, largely, mainly, mostly, primarily, increasingly, partly, scarcely, considerably, extremely, enormously, greatly