1. —Oh, I failed again
—Don’t lose heart. One more effort, ________ you will succeed.
A. so that B. therefore C. however D. and
2. ________ a difficult situation, so you should send him a message and give him some advice.
A. As he is in B. He is in C. Being in D. He being in
3. She said she would work it out herself, ________ ask me for help.
A. and not to B. but not C. and prefer not D. rather than
4. ________ enough time, but I couldn’t do it better.
A. I was given B. Given C. To be given D. Though I was given
5. —How can I wake up so early?
—Set the alarm at 5 o’clock, ________ you’ll make it.
A. but B. or C. and D. so
6. For a person with reading habits, a printed page contains not only words ________ ideas, thoughts and feelings.
A. yet B. and C. or D. but
7. Information technology is taught in most schools, ________ we have entered the information society.
A. so B. while C. still D. for
8. English is understood all over the world ________ Turkey is spoken by only a few people outside Turkey itself.
A. while B. when C. if D. as
9. I was on the point of going to bed ________ Mr. Zhang rang.
A. as B. when C. while D. and
10. I asked him whether he had done all the work himself ________ whether he had had any assistance.
A. and B. but C. nor D. or
11. In some countries, ________ are called “public schools” are not owned by the public.
A. which B. as C. what D. that
12. ________ happens in the world makes us happy and sad by turns.
A. That B. What C. Which D. Whether
13. I read about this story in some book or other, does it matter ________ it was?
A. where B. what C. how D. which
14. One of the men present held the view ________ the book said was right.
A. what that B. what C. that D. that what
15. ________ I had walked for six hours, I was tired out.
A. After B. Before C. When D. As
16. Tom make up his mind to get a seat for the football match ________ it means standing in a queue all night.
A. as if B. as though C. even if D. whatever
17. The roof fell ________ he had time to dash into the house to save his baby.
A. as B. after C. until D. before
18. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true ________ it comes to classroom tests.
A. as B. since C. when D. after
19. I have been keeping that photo ________ I can see it every day, as it always reminds me of my college days.
A. which B. where C. whether D. when
20. You may borrow this book ¬¬¬ ________ you promise to give it back.
A. in case B. so long as C. as if D. even if

21. ________ the man grew older, he lost interest in everything except gardening.
A. With B. Since C. While D. As
22. ________ you understand this rule, you’ll have no further difficulty.
A. Once B. Unless C. As D. Until
23. I had no sooner got back to the kitchen ________ the door-bell rang loud enough to wake the dead.
A. when B. than C. as D. while
24. I criticized him, you know, not ________ I hate him but ________ I love him.
A. because; because B. because; for C. for; because D. for; for
25. ________ he studies hard, he will never pass the examination.
A. If B. Unless C. Even if D. Even though
26. She worked hard ________ everything would be ready by the time he came back.
A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless
27. He waited ________ the volcano became quiet and he was able to return two days later.
A. when B. before C. as D. until
28. — May I go and play football with Dick this afternoon, Dad?
— No, you can’t go out ________ your work is being done.
A. before B. until C. as D. after
29. A warning news report from Qatar announces that a group of Islam will continue to kill Americans wherever they are ________ they leave the Arab world forever.
A. even though B. in case C. whenever D. until
30. I was so familiar with her that I recognized her voice ________ I picked up the phone.
A. the moment B. after C. before D. while
1. D. 考查“祈使句/名词+and+陈述句”句型。句意为:“再努力点,你就会成功的”。
2. B. so(因此)是并列连词,引出一个表示结果的分句,前面应是一个表示原因的分句,而无需再用连词,排除A;C和D又不是句子,也错了。
3. D. 因为rather than是对称连词,意为“而不” (from www.yygrammar.com)。
4. A. 因为but是并列连词,后面是个句子,前面也一定是个句子,而不是一个分词短语或不定式短语,更不能再用连词though,所以排除B、C和D。
5. C. 考查“祈使句+and+陈述句”句型,意为“如果…就…”。虽然or也可用于此句型,但or是“否则、要不然”之意,如:Work hard, or you’ll fail. (努力学习,否则就会不及格。)
6. D. 因为not only…but (also)…是固定搭配(from www.yygrammar.com)。
7. D. 因为句中的并列连词for表示原因,是对前面分句所述内容的解释或补充说明。
8. A. 因为句中的并列连词while表示“对比或相反”。
9. B. 因为句中的并列连词when = just at that time, 意为“这时(突然)”。
10. D. 因为只有or才能表示选择,意为“(是…) 还是”。
11. C。本题考查what引导主语从句,并在主语从句中作主语。句意为“在许多国家,所谓的“公立学校”并非公众拥有。
12. B。本题考查引导主语从句的连接词。that引导主语从句只起连接作用,在从句中不作任何成分,无意义,但不能省略。what除引导主语从句外, 还在从句中作成分。which指一定范围内的“哪一个”;whether意为“是否”。根据句意“世上的事喜忧交替”可知答案为B(from www.yygrammar.com)。
13. D。该题考查宾语从句。可以看作是does it matter which book it was的省略。一定注意此题受母语干扰,很容易错选答案为A。只要抓住题干前一句I read about this story in some book or other的提示,就可知道是指一定范围内的“哪一个”,故答案为D。
14. D。that引导同位语从句;what the book said是同位语从句中的主语。
15. A。本题考查以after引导的时间状语从句,意为“在…之后”。句意为“步行了六小时后,我累坏了”。
16. C。even if=even though,引导的让步状语从句,意为“即使, 尽管”,符合题意。
17. D。本题考查before引导的时间状语从句,意为“在……之前”。句意为“他来不及冲进去救他的孩子,屋顶就塌了”。
18. C。When it comes to. . . 是一固定句型,意为“当谈到……时,涉及”。句意为“做作业是提高考分的一个可靠方法,这在涉及到课堂测验时尤其正确” (from www.yygrammar.com)。
19. B。该题考查where引导的地点状语从句,表示“在…地方”。句意为“我一直把照片放在我每天都能看到的地方,因为它总使我回想起大学里的日子”。
20. B。so long as=so long as, 意为“只要”,表示条件。句意为“只要你答应归还,你就可以把这书借走”。
21. D。本题考查as引导的时间状语从句,表示事物的进展,意为“随着”。句意为“那人年纪越来越大,除了园艺外其他都不感兴趣”。
22. A。once引导的让步状语从句,意为“一旦”。句意为“一旦明白了这条规则,就再也没有困难了”。
23. B。no sooner…than意为“刚…就”,相当于as soon as. 句意为“我刚走回厨房,门铃又响了,响得足以把死人吵醒”。类似用法还有hardly / scarcely…when.。
24. A。本题考查because引导的原因状语从句及与for的区别。for不能跟not...but这一结构连用,句意为“我批评他不是因为我恨他而是因为我爱他”。
25. C。unless引导的条件状语从句。句意为“他如果不努力学习, 就永远不能考及格”。
26. B。so that引导目的状语从句。句意为“她拼命干一边能在他回来时把一切都准备好”。
27. D。until引导的时间状语从句。句意为“他一直等到火山平息下来,两天后他才得以重回火山上”。
28. C。此题很容易错选B。误认为是not…until句型。实际上只要抓住your work is being done. 这一提示就找到了答题的关键。
29. D。本题考查until引导的时间状语从句,意为“到. . . 为止, 在. . . 以前”。
30. A。名词短语the moment用作连词,相当于as soon as,引导时间状语从句。 意为“一……就”。类似的短语或词还有the minute, the instance, directly, immediately等。