Choose the best answer.

On Saturdays, most people are busy ______ for their homes. Some of them go to the stores, some go to the supermarkets. But in America, most shoppers enjoy shopping in the shopping malls.

A mall is a group of many shops. There you can buy clothes, furniture, and everything you need. Shopping malls provide parking for your cars. Usually, the mall is under one roof so the shoppers do not get cold or wet from rain, wind, or snow.

After shopping, you may get tired. You can walk into the sitting-rooms for a short rest. If you can go into the dining rooms in the malls, then you can have a good meal. Now more and more Americans like to go shopping there.

1. Most American are busy_________ for their homes on Saturdays.

A. doing sports   B. doing housework      C. watching TV    D. shopping

2. Most people like to do shopping _______.

A. on weekends    B. on Sundays      C. every day        D. every week

3. In America, most people enjoy shopping in ____.

A. supermarkets    B. shops             C. the stores        D. shopping malls

4. People don’t have to worry about rain or wind, because the mall is _______.

A. under one roof                      B. on the ground floor

C. in the open air                      D. without roof

5. In a shopping mall, you can find ________ to park your car.

A. a big house    B. a place          C. a small shop   D. a room


 1. D  2. A  3. D  4. A  5. B