Reading comprehension(阅读理解) 

A. True or False(判断下列句子是否符合短文内容, 符合的用”T”表示,不符合的用”F”表示) 

Biggie Burger, a new fast food restaurant, will soon be opened in the town. A large group of kids and parents were holding signs shouting outside it yesterday. They were there because hey didn't want the restaurant to open. Never!

“This kind of food is really bad for us!” said Diana,” It’s high in salt, fat, and sugar. it’s unhealthy and we are going to say ’no’ to it!”

“Our town has been a quiet place. Restaurants like this bring people and also a lot of trouble to this area,” said Barbara.” And I’m afraid they will take business away form our local restaurants.”

Other local people disagree .The officials believe that Biggie Burger will bring in huge amounts of money to help improve the town. And 17-year-old Sandy can’t wait for Biggie Burger to open.” I love their hamburgers and fried chicken wings! And I can get a job there.”

Sandy’s dad, a cleaner, agrees,” Biggie Burger’s prices are just right for a family like ours.”

Michael, who owns a toy shop next door to Biggie Burger, is excited, too.” Maybe people who come for a Biggie Burger will spend a few minutes in my store and pick up something.”

The town will hole a meeting on Thursday to hear sides. Everyone is welcome to attend it. Come and voice your opinion!

1. Biggie Burger was opened yesterday and many people were there.

2. Diana thinks that the food in Biggie Burger is too expensive.

3. Barbara is afraid that fewer people will come to the local restaurants.

4. Sandy has found a job in Biggie Burger and loves food there.

5. Cleaners like Sandy’s dad in the town can afford the food in Biggie Burger.

6. Michael welcomes the opening of Biggie Burger.

7.The town doesn’t care about people’s opinions when making a decision.


新型快餐店Biggie Burger将要在镇上开业了,镇上的人们对此褒贬不一。部分人对这家商店持反对意见;但是也有人持欢迎态度,觉得这是个机遇。

1. F 【解析】根据文章第一段第一句话可以看出Biggie Burger目前还没开业,所以是错误的;

2. F 【解析】由文章第二段可以看出Diana并不是因为这种食物价格昂贵,而是因为这种食物“高盐、高脂肪、高糖,是一种不健康的食物”才反对的;

3. T 【解析】由文章第三段句子“And I’m afraid they will take business away from our local restaurants.”可以看出该说法是正确的。

4. F 【解析】由文章第三段最后两句话可以看出Sandy还没有在Biggie Burger店里找到工作,因为这个店还没开业;

5. T 【解析】根据文章中的句子Sandy’s dad, a cleaner, agrees, “Biggie Burger’s prices are just for a family like ours.”可以看出这种说法是正确的。

6. T 【解析】由文章倒数第四行句子“Michael,…,is xcited, too”及“Maybe people who…will spend a few minutes in my store and pick up something.”可以看出Michael是欢迎Biggie Burger在他们村开业的。

7. F 【解析】由文章最后一段可以看出该村是关心人们的看法的。