(150 minutes)

Paper One

(90 minutes)

Part I. Vocabulary and Structure (10 points; 15 minutes) 

Directions: Each of the following sentences is provided with four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1. In no circumstances __________a lie.

A. you should tell                    B. shouldn't you tell

C. you shouldn't tell               D. should you tell

2. __________they managed to take from the tombs, there seemed to be no end to the valuable.

A. What                                               B. Which    

C. How much                                      D. However much

3. The ten-page report may __________ one simple point: it’s impractical to establish a chemical plant in that region with so many difficulties and oppositions.

A. get down to                                      B. come down to   

C. settle down                                       D. take down

4. Don’t do that again! You not only endangered yourself, but also put your friend __________.

A. as a result                                  B. at length   

C. at risk                                         D. by mistake

5. “Perhaps you should go home now.” “No, I __________ on staying here for a while longer.”

A. persist                                        B. stick   

C. sit                                                     D. insist

6. __________ a major disaster will get us to realize that we can’t go on destroying the rain forests of the world.

A. Anything but                           B. Nothing but        

C. But that                                      D. Everything hut

7. We went very often to Hyde Park __________ speakers addressed the passing crowds on different subjects.

A. which                                 B. where             

C. that                                    D. for

8. The matter __________you were arguing about last night had been settled.

A. as                                        B. that            

C. for which                              D. what

9. The Chinese Red Cross __________ a generous sum to the relief of the physically disabled.

A. assigned                                       B. contributed    

C. furnished                                     D. administered

10. The motorway __________ we drive to work is always crowded.

A. that                                                B. on which           

C. which                                             D. on that

11. If he __________ promotion, he would be an important man today.

A. gained                                        B. had gained      

C. gains                                      D. was to gain

12. Will the AIDS patients benefit __________ the new drug?

A. out of                                     B. through           

C. upon                                      D. from 

13. Fond of singing as she is, she is __________ a good singer by profession.

A. everything but                                B. anything but       

C. nothing but                                      D. something but

14. Could you tell me __________ to fly from Chicago to New York?

A. it costs how much                      B. how much does it cost

C. how much costs it                      D. how much it costs

15. I was very tired. Otherwise, I ___________ to the theatre with you.

A. had gone                                     B. would go         

C. went                                           D. would have gone

16. He couldn’t even __________ a cow from a horse.   

A. tell                                               B. contrast        

C. compare                                         D. recognize

17. Are you sure Mr. Johnson will show you __________ the new computer?

A. to use                                          B. using            

C. how to use                                  D. what to use

18. Quite a lot of people watch TV only to __________ time.

A. waste                                      B. spend     

C. kill                                            D. pass

19. The soldiers were put in prison because they __________ to obey orders..

A. refused                                    B. rejected           

C. denied                                     D. objected

20. I missed the train and __________ was late for school.

A. finally                                    B. eventually         

C. subsequently                      D. consequently

Part II. Cloze Test (10 points20 minutes)

Directions: Read the passage through. Then, go back and choose one suitable word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D for each blank in the passage. Blacken the corresponding letter of the word or phrase you have chosen on the Answer Sheet.

Geography is the study of the relationship between people and the land .Geographers(地理学家)compare and contrast   21   places on the earth. But they also   22   beyond the individual places and consider the earth as a   23  . The world geography   24   from two Greek words, ge, the Greek word for “earth” and graphein,   25   means “to write”. The English word geography means, “to describe the earth”.   26   Geography books focus on a small area   27   atown or city. Others deal with a state, a region, a nation, or an   28 

continent. Many geography books deal with the whole earth. Another   29   to divide the study of   30   is to distinguish between physical geography and cultural geography. The former focuses on the natural world; the   31   starts with human beings and   32   how human beings and their subject,   33   branch can neglect the other. But when geography is considered as a single subject,   34   branch can neglect the other.

A geographer might be described   35   one who observes records and explains the __36_ between places. If places   37   alike, there would be little need for geographers.

We know, however,   38   no two places are exactly the same. Geography,   39   is a point of view, a special way of   40 at places.

21. A. similar       B. various           C. distant         D. famous

22. A. pass         B. reach             C. go            D. set

23. A. whole       B. unit               C. part           D. total

24. A. falls         B. removes           C. results         D. comes

25. A. what         B. that              C. which          D. it

26. A. Some        B. Many             C. Most          D. Few

27. A. outside       B. except            C. like           D. as

28. A. extensive     B. enormous          C. overall         D. entire

29. A. way         B. means             C. habits         D. technique

30. A. world        B. earth              C. globe          D. geography

31. A. second       B. latter              C. next           D. later

32. A. learns        B. realizes            C. studies         D. believes

33. A. upon         B. for                C. as            D. to

34. A. either        B. neither             C. one           D. each

35. A. for          B. to                 C. by            D. as

36. A. exception     B. differences         C. sameness       D. divisions

37. A being         B. are                C. were          D. be

38. A. although      B. whether            C. since          D. that

39. A. then         B. nevertheless         C .still           D. moreover

40. A. working      B. getting             C. arriving        D. looking