1. Honesty.
1. 实事求是。

Communicate things as they are. There's really no point playing around with words. People see through it sooner or later and it leads to losing credibility.

2. Clear communication.

Honesty is one thing but if you can't communicate your intent clearly, it's not really very useful. It's a skill to be able to communicate clearly your thoughts.

3. Listen.

Listen for what the other person wants in the conversation and what drives them. That will allow you to find where you can align with them and work together towards a common goal if there is one. If there isn't, be honest and clear about it and leave it at that.

4. Be available.
4. 花点时间帮助他人。

All of us are super busy people and have tons of things going on. However, being available to other people takes lesser time than most of us think. Be available, listen and communicate. You'll build relationships and credibility that will last long.

5. Last but not the least - Integrity.

Honor your word, stick to your values and deliver on what your promised. If you are unable to deliver on what you promised, communicate in an honest manner. People respect those who honor themselves and others.

How can I polish my soft skills?

1.Identify your goal:
1. 明确目标:

Doing this initial goal setting will help define timelines, methods, and resources to turn to on your journey.

2.Do a baseline assessment:
2. 基线评估:

Figure out where you stand now with respect to the soft skill you want to pick up.

3.Begin research:
3. 开始调查研究:

See what is out there to help you achieve your goal. If you are looking to make yourself more "marketable", read up on what skills are most in demand in a particular industry.

4.Practice, practice, practice:
4. 练习,练习,再练习:

For interviews, you can do mock interviews with your peers, or if you know someone senior in the industry who is willing to help you out.

For skills like speaking more confidently in public, join a club or look for opportunities at work or school to speak in front of a large group.

Skills like problem solving and working in a team can be practised and honed at your work place.

In addition to these steps, finding a group of people who are working on the same skills, or a mentor who believes in you, can be a great help as well. The great thing about picking up a soft skill is, the journey is one of continuous learning, and you yourself begin to figure out along the way what works best for you.

Wish you all the best! :)