Beautiful women should never attach a picture to their CV.

Jealous women in human resources departments will often bin the applications without forwarding them.

An Israeli scientist who unearthed the statistic said that the problem is even MORE pronounced in countries where pictures in CVs are rare.

Up to 34% of people responded negatively to women's CVs where a picture was used - compared to just 12% who responded positively.

In job applications, women who attached no picture to a CV were called back 30% more than attractive females who attached one.

'What Ze'ev and I found is a clear distortion in the market for talent,' says Ruffle in a post in the Harvard Business Review. 'In countries where CV photos are common, screeners routinely eliminate qualified applicants without giving them a chance to make their case in person.

'In countries where pictures are rare, a photo can skew the selection process even more seriously.'

'If this were a perfect world, attaching a photo to your CV would do nothing more than allow a prospective employer to put a face to your name. But in the real world, providing your image unleashes beauty discrimination at the earliest stages of the hiring process.'

'One implication of our research is that companies may be doing themselves a disservice by allowing their HR departments and hiring committees to remain predominantly female.

'Creating a more balanced gender mix might reduce the level of bias against female candidates whose only failing is that they're physically attractive.'