Whether you're a new graduate or someone with a few years of experience under your belt, you might come across interview questions about where you'd like to go in your career during your job search. One of the more common versions of this question is, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?". Although it may not be the most creative question, it's an important question to ask yourself anyway, and you should have a response prepared for the interview.
无论你是应届生还是有了几年工作经验的职场人,你都会在面试中碰到与职业选择有关的问题。有个最常见的版本是,“你的五年工作规划是什么?”。 尽管这不是什么创新型的问题,可这对你个人来说还是很重要的,你应该为了面试好好准备一下。

First, let's consider what the interviewer is really asking. They want to find out a few things: Have you given thought to your career? Are you ambitious or do you lack initiative? Do your goals fit with those of the company? Are you going to be a long-term employee or are you going to jump ship for the next big opportunity?

The interviewer doesn't want to hear that you don't plan to stay at their company for long, but instead plan to start your own business, go to grad school or live on a beach in Greece. What they want to hear is that you're looking to make a commitment to the company and that the role is not only exactly what you're looking for but also something you do well.
面试官不想听到你说不想在他们公司长期做下去,而是要自己创业、读研或是在想要住在希腊的沙滩上。 他们真正想听的是你想为公司做出一个承诺,这个角色并不仅仅是你所想要的,同时也是你能力所及。

Don't be too rigid in your goals, such as, "I want to be promoted within a year, and be managing a team six months after that." This can automatically take you out of consideration if the position has little growth opportunity. And if you are applying for an entry-level position, this seems presumptuous and they may go with a different candidate that has more realistic goals.
不要立个太严苛的目标,比如说,“我想在一年里就升职,而且在六个月之后能够带领一支团队。” 如果这个职位的发展机会很小的话,这样的回答会使你直接被淘汰。 另外如果你申请的是初级职位,这个回答未免太过自以为是,面试官们可能会选择其他目标比较现实的候选人。

A good answer to this question will show you've thought about your career and that you want to continue to learn and grow at their company, as well as shows off your strengths and accomplishments. If you have strong values about contributing to the team or working at a large corporation, include this in your answer.

For example, a good answer could be, "I'd like to continue progressing in the marketing field, and see myself in a more senior marketing role. Judging by our conversation so far, this position would give me the opportunity to gain new skills and techniques that would help me to advance. I'd like to continue taking on more responsibilities and am confident that I can make positive contributions to the team that will bring the company more success."

Keep in mind that the goal of the interview is to convince your interviewer that you are the best person for the job so that you will proceed to the next stage of the job search process: the offer. So, show the interviewer that you can contribute to the company's success!

More examples:

1. First and foremost, I want to contribute as much as I can to your company in the position I'm applying for. Once mastered, I see myself in a supervisory or management role. I'm a good leader and enjoy managing people and projects.
1. 首先也最为重要的是,我想尽我所能在我申请的这个岗位上为贵公司做出贡献。一旦对工作内容掌握得更加熟练后,我认为我会提升到主管或者管理级别的职务。我是个很好的领导者,我喜欢管理员工和项目。

2. Although my initial focus would be to work to my full potential in the job I'm applying for, I would very much like to move into a supervisory or management role in 3-5 years...or less. I enjoy supporting my team members, and strive to set a good example for others.

3.My first goal will be to meet or exceed your expectations in the position I'm applying for. After that, I would enjoy the responsibilities of management. I'm patient with others and like the challenges of leadership.
3. 我的第一目标将会是在这个岗位上达到或者超过你的期望。在那之后,我想担起管理的职责。我对待他人总是很有耐心,也喜欢迎接作为一个领导者的挑战。