Men want hotpants, miniskirts and low cut tops banned from the office because they are too distracting, new research shows.

A study found that at least a third of men want women stopped from wearing revealing outfits at work, with skimpy shorts the first to go.

Hotpants were named by 32 per cent as unacceptable, with 30 per cent adding that anything with a leopard print should be banned. See-through, or 'sheer' tops were deemed beyond the pale by 27 per cent of men, while 24 per cent named miniskirts and 22 per cent low cut tops. Meanwhile, 67 per cent of women say colleagues should be stopped from wearing tiny shorts and 52 per cent believe miniskirts are unprofessional.

Other items of clothing to get the thumbs down, included slogan T-shirts (deemed inappropriate by 32 per cent of Brits) and novelty ties. UGG boots should be banned from the office too, according to 26 per cent, and 23 per cent want leggings shown the door.


The report also revealed that wearing different colours has an impact on how we feel.

One in ten women (13 per cent) reveal they would reach for their best red item in order to impress in the office. And 48 per cent named a red dress as the sexiest thing they could wear. Meanwhile, a quarter (26 per cent) say a touch of red lipstick boosts their confidence.

Dr Gayle Brewer, Senior Lecturer at the UCLan School of Psychology, said: 'The clothes and colours we wear have a real impact on the way we feel and the image we project. The colour red is associated with confidence and power. It seems women are donning their best red dresses and suits in order to make their mark at work.'