Dialogue 2

A: Hello, this is Sunlin. May I speak to Mrs Smith?

A: 你好,我是孙林。我可以和史密斯女士通话吗?

I: This is Mrs Smith. Can I help you?

I: 我就是史密斯,需要什么帮助吗?

A: I am calling to say thank you for the interview yesterday.

A: 我是为昨天的面试向您表示谢意的。

I: You are welcome. I am very impressed by your capability.

I: 不用客气,你的能力给我留下了深刻的印象。

A: Is there anything I should do?

A: 我还需要做些什么吗?

I: No, nothing. It's thoughtful of you to call me again.

I: 不用,你能再次打来电话,已经想得很周到了。

A: Thank you. Please call me at any time if you have any questions.

A: 谢谢你,如果你有什么问题,请随时打电话给我。

I: Ok, I will. Do you have any question?

I: 好的,我会的。还有问题吗?

A: No, thank you. Goodbye.

A: 没有了,谢谢你,再见。

I: Goodbye.

I: 再见。

Dialogue 3

A: This is Sunlin. Is this Mrs Smith speaking?

A: 我是孙林,您是史密斯先生吗?

I: Yes, what can I do for you?

I: 是的,您有什么需要帮助的吗?

A: I just want to call and say thank you for letting me interview yesterday.

A: 我只是想打个电话对您昨天给予我面试机会表示感谢。

I: You are welcome, Mr. Sun.

I: 孙先生,不用客气。

A: And I also want to know what the status is of the position.

A: 我还想问一下目前这个职位的状况。

I: Sorry, we haven't made the decision at all. But we should be making the decision by the end of this week. And we'll get in touch with you once we make it.

I: 不好意思,我们还没有做出决定。但我们会在周末之前做出决定的,到时我们一做出决定就通知你。

A: Do you have any questions we didn't cover in the interview?

A: 您还有上次我们面试时没有提到的问题要问吗?

I: No.

I: 没有了。

A: Thank you, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Bye-bye.

A: 谢谢,我等待着您的消息。再见。

I: Thank you for the calling. Bye-bye.

I: 再见。