A study shows a large gap in perceptions among the sexes in who has more opportunities for advancement -- men or women.

Consulting firm Bain & Co. surveyed 1,834 business professionals world-wide on gender parity in the workplace. The findings, which was presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, show that 90% and 85% of men and women, respectively, believe qualified applicants of either gender have the same shot at landing a junior-level position. Yet 81% of men said opportunities to move to middle management are gender neutral, compared with 52% of women. Similarly, 66% of men said promotions to the executive level are equally attainable by both sexes, versus 30% of women.
贝恩咨询公司(Bain & Co.)在全球范围内开展了一项调研,对象是1834位职场人士,男女各半。调研结果在刚刚结束的瑞士达沃斯世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)上公布。这项结果显示:90%的男士及85%的女士认为,男性女性得到初级职位的机会是均等的,只要你有足够的能力;81%的男士认为,男性女性升任中级管理职位的机会也是均等的,而女士中只有52%的人抱此想法;同样,66%的男士认为升任主管级别的机会也是男女均等,而认同这一点的女士的比例只有30%。

In reality, women represent a much smaller portion of leadership roles in business. A December study from New York research concern Catalyst Inc. shows 3% of chief executive officers and 13.5% of executive-officer positions within Fortune 500 companies are women.
现实生活中,女性在领导岗位中所占比例是小于男性的。纽约研究机构Catalyst Inc.于去年12月份开展的一项调研显示,财富五百强公司中,首席执行官以及行政主管中女性所占的比例分别为3%和13.5%。

Men's perceptions may be rosier than women's because they may be considering the long-term progress women have made in the workplace, says Ellen Galinsky, president of Families & Work Institute in New York. Men will 'say women have it a lot better than they did in the past,' she says. 'Women say, 'Yes, but there are a lot fewer of us and we had to give up a lot more to get there.''
纽约家庭与工作研究会(Families & Work Institute)会长爱伦·加林斯基(Ellen Galinsky)认为,男士们的观点比女士们要乐观,因为他们着眼的是长时期以来女性在职场所取得的进步。她说,男士们会说"女性现在的表现比过去强多了,女士们则说,没错,不过,我们的人数比男的少多了,而且要取得同样的成就,我们的付出要比男性多得多"

Perceptions may play a role in women lagging behind men in advancing their careers, says Deborah M. Kolb, a professor specializing in women and leadership at Simmons School of Management in Boston. Ms. Kolb says studies have shown women are seen by bosses and colleagues -- men and women alike -- as being less capable of serving in leadership posts than men, despite evidence to the contrary. 'Women often get asked to take career detours . . . into areas like human resources,' she says. 'Men get asked to take on strategic-development activities.'
波士顿西蒙斯管理学院(Simmons School of Management)研究女性及领导力的黛博拉·科尔伯(Deborah M. Kolb)教授认为,女性在职业发展上落后于男性,大众的成见也许也是有一定影响的。科尔伯教授表示,研究显示,老板及同事──男女皆然──都认为女性在领导岗位上表现不如男性,尽管有证据显示并非如此。她说,"在职场上,女性常常会被迫走些弯路,比如去做人力资源管理。男性则会派到跟战略发展相关的工作。"