1.That company supplies paper to the printers.


重点词语:supply n./v.供给

商务用语:supply the market with new commodities 向市场供应新商品

supply a need /demand 满足需要

have a good supply of 备有许多

2.According to a recent survey, in Shanghai alone there are more than 2.5 million migrant workers.


重点词语:survey n.调查

商务用语:monthly survey 月评

geological survey 地质勘察

annual survey 年度调查

appraisal survey 估价调查

3.There are plans to take over the company.


重点词语:take over n.①接管 ②接任,接替

商务用语:take over from 取代

take over as 接替某一职务


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4.Steel production was targeted for 60,000 tons last year.


重点词语:target n.目标 v.把...作为目标

商务用语:exceed the target 超额完成任务

set a target for production 制定生产指标

be targeted for 指标定位

5.There is a very high tariff on jewelry.


重点词语:tariff n.①关税 ②价目表

商务用语:tariff diminution 关税减让

tariff preference 关税优惠

tariff schedule 海关税则,税率表,费率表

tariff standard 定价本位制